#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 43

As I was walking with a friend thinking of what to eat for dinner, we passed by the trees in Techno Hub. The smell of the Ilang-Ilang flowers are nostalgic it makes me smile.


#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 42

8 months ago, I listed 15 things that I planned to do before I turned 30. I may not have done all that I have listed, but I’m still happy that I was still able to do a lot which were not in the list.

Before I turned 30, I was able to:
– Meet and greet, pa-autograph, and HUG my most favorite book Author, MITCH ALBOM in February
– try Archery for the first time on March 15
– Have my hair permed (curls) for real in April! :)
– Have the courage to wear a dress to work, April 24. It’s the first time I did that!
– Do a major climb to Mt. Tarak on May 18! :)
– Go to a Museum in Marikina.

On the day I turned 30, I was able to get inked again. :)

Then the next day, first time I get to hit bull’s eye! :))


#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 41

I think I had so much sleep today. The kind of sleep and feeling that I don’t always get on weekdays.

Still enjoying my own “long weekend”.

1 more day left. :)

#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 40

I went for a 1-hr Archery session at Gandiva Archery in One Corporate Center today for fun with my friend, Cleigh. It was her first time to try Archery while it was my second.

I was surprised that I got to hit my arrows on the target! :) It was my very first ever BULL’S EYE! :))


And after an hour of shooting arrows, here is my souvenir target piece. :)


I was not only able to hit the apple once, but thrice! :))

10, 20, 30

I was 10.
I wasn’t born with physical beauty. I have scars. I have a keloid. I have flat nose. I am dark. I am short. My eyesight isn’t perfect. When I was 10, I used to believe that what defines “beauty” is the exact opposite of me. I was a cry-baby.

Then I was 20.
I was unpredictable -one minute happy, another minute sad. I easily got jealous. I was always bitter. I was suicidal. I hurt and blame myself when things don’t turn the way I wanted. I hated every thing and every one that made me sad and made me feel broken. I loved everyone that made me happy. I hold grudges. I was a cry-baby.

Today, I turned 30.
Nothing has ever changed or improved from since I was 10 except that I have gained enough weight to no longer be categorized as “underweight”. I am still short. I still have a flat nose but through time it has become my most favorite part (of my face). Ahaha! My eyesight was never corrected. I still have my scars and a keloid. I am still a cry-baby, easily getting teary-eyed on even just witnessing a simple good deed.

So many things about me have stayed the same, yet how I see things changes through the years.

I learned that no matter how ugly you may think you are, there will always be somebody who thinks you are wonderful.

I have learned to appreciate myself more.

And I think I love myself now more than I did the past decades. :)

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