100 Happy Days – Finished!

Three days ago, I finished my 100-HappyDay Challenge. I admit that it had been tough. There were really days when I just want to give this challenge up but thank God I never did.

The main goal of the challenge was for the participants to learn to see and recognize things that make them happy each day and even on their darkest days.

I was close to giving up on just the second week but as days passed, I was learning. I was learning to find happiness around me – be it my favorite food, a good joke from a colleague, a beautiful flower in the side walk, or even just the cloud formations.

Now, I can say that I have successfully finished it not just because I was able to post 100 pics in 100 days, but also because I learned to see beauty in each day. :)

I hope that I can still find ways to be happy even if I am no longer under the challenge. :)

I have put into a video slide all the pictures from my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

I just hope Youtube won’t remove it because I had a hard time uploading it on my Facebook as it won’t let me. =(

Click here to view the video

The songs I picked fit as the theme for this challenge. :)

Finding “Happy” – Day 100


Happy 100th Day to me! :))
Bought myself a black forest (favorite) cake as a reward for successfully finishing this 100 Happy Days Challenge! :)

Went to Mass and gave thanks.

Thanks, everyone for being with me as I finish my 100 happy days journey! I would have given up on the second week if not because of you. :’)

Finding “Happy” – Day 99


An afternoon with my juniors. :) Dined in at Tokyo Bubble Tea and then went to videoke at Time Zone. :)

Finding “Happy” – Day 98


No one from the people I care about at work felt stressed today and that made me happy. :)

Finding “Happy” – Day 97


Wore a dress to work for the second time in a row this week! :)

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