59/365 fighting the urge to post

Lately, I have been seeing posts on current events. I've seen same topics appearing in my newsfeed due to multiple reposts. I've been fighting the urge to post my POV on some of the issues. I've been trying hard not to post my stand on certain issues. This is why yesterday, I opted to blog … Continue reading 59/365 fighting the urge to post

58/365 where to stand

Recently there have been news of kids being kidnapped or snatched away from their elders even in broad daylight. There have also been news about a suicide game app/website that targets kids to teens challenging them to do tasks that suggests self-harm and suicide as the final challenge. It's just so sad that we won't … Continue reading 58/365 where to stand

Taste Testers: Binondo Food Crawl

Exactly one year ago today, my friends and I had a post V-day date at The Black Bird in Makati. Today, the same friends I were with on February 25 last year were the same friends I was with today in a food crawl in Binondo China Town. What a coincidence! We did not have … Continue reading Taste Testers: Binondo Food Crawl