NEWS Unplugged (+Loveless – YamaPI)

Since I started posting and sharing caps from Fighting Man PV, I’m now gonna post my previous screen caps from Unplugged

more and download here..


fighting man pv screen caps (+download)


Just finished watching the Fighting Man PV and the 6 suteki boys, i mean MEN (yes! they’ve already grown into beautiful men!) just got me speeeechless, so here is a quick post of picspams from the PV.. all pics – i’m in so much awe that i couldn’t even think of putting in captions! Very very very nice song and pv! A song that simply reminds us to fight! fight! and fight with all our might and never give up, as yamaPi said: "kesshite akiramenai!" (never giveup!) ..

the 6 Fighting suteki ikeMen:

download more screencaps..?

おめでとう! :)

today is’s 1st Anniversary!

and I just dedicated my 2000th tweeeet for them.. 🙂




minna… SHITERU..??

今 しています おまえら。。! 
(ima shiteimasu omaera..!)
[now you know!]

*sorry to those I was not able to tag.. I am not really sure of your LJ usernames.. dakara, honto ni sumimasen deshita ne~.. 

they simply exist.

It was in November when I first knew  (watched) Yamashita Tomohisa. Back then, I used to call him Ken- Iwase Ken. Prodai was the first dorama I watched with him as the lead actor. I used to like doramas, but not the artists, until I knew Ken. hihihi.. and since then, I was always “i like ken!”, “ken is..”, “ken..! ken ken!”, until a friend of mine said “ahhh.. Yamapi!”

And from then, Yamapi.. I was all “YamaPi!”. I started to watch all his doramas one by one, watch his interview clips, read articles about him, etc.. coincidentally, it was also that time in November when he released LOVELESS.. and was surprised that he can sing!.. *ureshii*

Another friend told me there were fangroups of Yamapi and his band.. now that’s when I learned about NEWS.. but at first, I was only after a group that supports Yamapi.. I, then always ended up with forums…. until I came upon this Yamashita Tomohisa fanpage in facebook.

Back then, my everyday routine was:
visit Yamapi fanpage by A-chan
watch Code Blue 2 every monday
post screencaps
watch clips of Yamapi and NEWS (that was where i first love TegoPi ♥)

in short, I was simply flailing…A.L.O.N.E…

until one day, somebody posted an invitation to YamaPi’s bday..
I clicked the postcard and saw this fangroup.. and was glad to read the following information:

This is a purely fan-based group founded by Filipino supporters.
We are not in anyway related to the band personally or to their management.

I was soooo glad I even told my friends I found a group of Filipinos supporting Yamapi and NEWS.. my friends are so supportive and was also happy for me they even told me to join..

So I joined..
Thanks to the admins, I got in.. 🙂

At first, I only intended to join. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I was also hesitant to join them in celebrating Pi’s bday.. that’s because I simply hate being a “newbie”.. going to a place where I know no one — I just am not that friendly to meet with new people..

After an everyday nagging from my friend that I should attend the gathering, I simply said “okay. I will go, but it’s gonna be the first and last.”

as April 9, 2010 was approaching, I was just browsing through that fangroup page.. until I got the courage to post and introduce myself…

the next parts are a HISTORY.. 🙂


when I say it’s long.. it’s really loooong.. 🙂