stop missing

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Sometimes you have to stop missing a person not because they’re not even missing you at all, but because there are other more beautiful things you’ve been missing out since you’re too focused missing something else. 🙂


Kasiyahan, saan man. (the ‘happy place’ search)

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Happiness, where you are.

I once read a story about a man who left his town to find happiness. He kept on walking in search for it. Night time came and still no sign of happiness on his way. He reached the forest and decided to rest for the night, and then continue the search the next day. And just so he could remember where he stopped, he took off his shoes and point them to the direction where he’ll be continuing his search when he wakes up the next morning.

But unfortunately, while he was sleeping, someone (or a monkey – I can’t really remember what it was) played with him and turned his shoes to point to the opposite direction.

The next day, when he woke up, he followed where his shoes were pointing –thinking that this will lead him to happiness. As he was getting closer to the next place, he began to realize that this place is exactly the same place where he started from. The same town where he used to be. Exactly the same town he left in search for happiness.

End of story.

Sometimes we go looking for a place which will bring us happiness not realizing that happiness is just right where we are. Happiness is not something we should be looking for, but something we should be bringing to ourselves and to the people around us.

It is not something that should be dependent of others, but ourselves.

The Search for that HAPPY PLACE.

It boomed last year. Yes. And until this year, many of us are looking and aiming to be in “Happy Place”. Some are already there, some are just in the process of going there, but some didn’t make it there.

Hmm.. tell you what.. I learned from friends and realized that someone else’s “happy place” may not be the “happy place” for you. Some of those who are already there, confessed that it isn’t a happy place at all.

We all have our own happy places.

I admit, this doesn’t go the same for everyone. But what I am sure of is that happiness for some, may not always be the same for you. Just because people call a particular place “a happy place” doesn’t mean it’s a “happy place” for me, and everyone, too.

Go bring yourself happiness where you are.. 😉

Dear Me, dear me.. Love, Yourself

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Dear Me,

A few days earlier, sent a Post-A-Day prompt which was about writing oneself a letter. So I thought I had to write you one. 🙂

I was hesitant at first – not that I don’t want to do this, but it’s because I can’t think of anything to write you about. Not until this day.. I mean, this night – when I am having fun writing in an all-black MS Word editor. 🙂

Hmm.. okay, so much about the alibis.

Now, how have you been lately?

Aside from spamming your Facebook wall and Twitter timeline with shout outs and status updates, how have you really been lately?

I know these days have been really tough.. but what I’m not sure of is how you really feel. You’ve been posting sad shout outs, but every time friends ask you, you’ll tell them you’re okay, when we both know you’re NOT.

Please.. STOP it.

Let me tell you your problem:

  • You are Weak. Tell you what: sometimes it’s okay to show weakness – you don’t have to always hide it. You’ve been like this for more or less 27 years but as I have witnessed, nothing real good is coming from it because we know that when we are left alone – the bomb inside us explodes.
  • You are Waiting. And yes – this is what’s all been about. You have always been waiting but you only end up hurting. Kuya Jay once asked ‘how long do you need to punish yourself?’. Now, would you care to answer me how long? You’ve been waiting for something we both are not sure of. You’re getting tired, I know.. so please.. STOP it.. now. And Lastly,
  • You are Jealous. You always are. If I had to change your name, I’d pick ‘Jealouscelle’. LOL. But seriously, you have to fix this part of you. It’s funny how you are becoming jealous of something and later on, will only realize and tell yourself “haha. False alarm”. Funny how every time you feel it, you’ll start saying you’re gonna stop this and that, but just the moment you discover that it’s nothing to be jealous about, then you’ll start retracting what you swore you’re gonna do..! WTH, Jocelle, make up your mind.. Once you said you’re stopping or forgetting something, then stop and forget! Go ahead, and Don’t you ever Turn Back.

These are just a few. I’m getting sleepy now and I can’t anymore think of what to tell you.

Just a few reminders:

Everything will fall into its proper places at the right time.

“You are born for greater things” –kuya jay

And everything will make sense someday.

Scolding you in a letter, huh. Sweet. LOL

OH, Dear me.. dear me..



infront of the PC, @ the room you call your sanctuary


PS. Don’t read this yet. Read this on 07.23.2012


most beautiful thing about people

Post #86

What is the most beautiful thing about people? Why?

I’d say that it would be just like what Anne Frank said in her diary, that people are really good at heart. I believe that no matter how bad one person may seem to be, he will still have that part of him that’s good.

A good heart.

People are, by nature, good at heart. Think of the worst person you know. Think of the most cruel person you knew. We may not be shown a pure heart, but I believe that deep inside them is a heart as good as anybody else.

story #1:

Anton, more or less, 4 years old, is one of my cousins. He’s very naughty and would sometimes, go against everybody. He’s like an adult man trapped in a baby boy’s body. Haha! There are times when he really won’t obey any of us. There are even times when you can’t ask him to do something. But yesterday, my mother told me a very short story about this little naughty boy that melted my heart.

When Anton saw my Mama the other day, he asked my mother for a few coins (so he could buy candies, etc). But mama saw that he already got some coins for himself given by our lola (grandmother).

Mama: o, meron ka na palang pera eh (you already have your money)

Anton, referring to his injured playmate: hindi, ibibili ko sya ng band-aid eh (no, I’m gonna buy him band-aid. He’s bruised.)

Mama: eh baket hindi mo sya dalhin sa bahay nila at dun sya humingi ng pambili ng bandaid? (then why don’t you bring him to their house to ask his parents to buy him one?)

Anton: eh wala kase silang pera eh.. 😦  (they don’t have money, eh..?)

Hearing those words from a little naughty boy, shocked me. O_O hehe! That was the first time any of us heard Anton talk that way. He’s really one of those little boys that will piss you off, but then after being told of that story, made me say in an instant

“he’s not bad at all.. he has a good heart, too”.. 🙂

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