Kasiyahan, saan man. (the ‘happy place’ search)

Post #88 Happiness, where you are. I once read a story about a man who left his town to find happiness. He kept on walking in search for it. Night time came and still no sign of happiness on his way. He reached the forest and decided to rest for the night, and then continue … Continue reading Kasiyahan, saan man. (the ‘happy place’ search)

Dear Me, dear me.. Love, Yourself

--Post #87-- Dear Me, A few days earlier, WordPress.com sent a Post-A-Day prompt which was about writing oneself a letter. So I thought I had to write you one. 🙂 I was hesitant at first – not that I don't want to do this, but it's because I can't think of anything to write you … Continue reading Dear Me, dear me.. Love, Yourself

most beautiful thing about people

Post #86 What is the most beautiful thing about people? Why? I'd say that it would be just like what Anne Frank said in her diary, that people are really good at heart. I believe that no matter how bad one person may seem to be, he will still have that part of him that's … Continue reading most beautiful thing about people