Malayo palang alam ko na. Yung left eye na yan, yung figure, the way you walk – alam ko na. Sigurado ako ikaw yun.

As we got nearer each other, I can’t stop looking at you while wondering if you can still remember me. 

Ito na. Yung moment na magtatapat na tayo (coming from different directions). My eyes fixed on you. Then you saw me.

Nagkatinginan tayo. Yung moment na hindi ko alam kung hihinto ako to mention your name.

We were close friends and inseparable 16 years ago. 

The biggest and the smallest, together.. sometimes with the tallest, too. My most memorable lines from you was when you were slightly scolding me the day after you were absent, “pag absent ako di ka na kakain.. pano pag wala ako di ka na kikilos?”

Pagtapat ko syo habang nagkatinginan tayo, walang huminto (guess you were trying to remember and asking yourself who is this staring at you). We still continued to walk in opposite directions. I hope you heard me when I whispered your name as you passed me by, “Andrea”. 

Maybe you’d be proud of me if I tell you I’ve changed in some way – I can now eat without company, and have gone to a place hundreds of kilometers on my own and back.

While I am now on my way home, I wonder what if I stopped. But what if you no longer remember. That 3-second eye-to-eye intercept made me wonder.


Not every thing in life is asterisked*. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hindi naman lahat ng bagay required – maintindihan, makuha, ma-achieve. 

Minsan sapat na lang na alam mo kung ano, pero di required intindihin kung bakit or kung paano. 

Wag mong obligahin ang sarili mo sa mga bagay na hindi required gawin, kunin, intindihin, or i-achieve. And don’t take it against yourself for not doing, not getting, not understanding, not achieving.

Things that are “Good-to-have”, “good-to-know” may not necessarily mean required to have or required to know. Recommended maybe, but not required.

We often feel guilty or confused about whether or not do certain things for someone. We require ourselves of things that none of those people are obliging us. 

You may be a good friend to some, but you are not required to agree with them all the time. Likewise, you may be in a mutual hate with another but you are not required to disagree with them every single time.

You may know somebody your friends hate but it doesn’t mean you have to hate the same person, too.

You can invite a friend for a chat over coffee but he/she isn’t required to invite you come see with them a movie.

In today’s times, I have already accepted and learned that opening doors for the person behind you, letting people take your seat are no longer a requirement, but a choice. And we don’t have to judge and be judged from the choice we’d make (on letting or refusing to do).

It’s okay to say No sometimes (for valid reasons). And it’s not required to say Yes all the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

happiness is..

..something that we are always in search of as if it’s rare, yet it is something that can easily be found.

We are always looking for happiness. We often ask when will we be happy. We are in constant search of things or persons that will make us really happy. We fail to realize that there are a lot of things that we should be happy about. As love can be found in different shapes (like what Jason Mraz said about his previous album, LOVE is a four letter word, which is one of my favorites), happiness can likewise be found in every corner, in different  shapes and forms.

As I try to look into simpler things, my Happiness for me, is…
:) waking up to a new day (not everybody is given the chance to see another day)
:) sun-shiny morning (not that I hate raining but raining makes me lazy in the morning.. hehe!)
:) walking on a cold morning and feeling the sun’s warmth
:) it’s when there’s no traffic on my way to office.. happiness!
:) a no “love letter” day <insert sarcasm to love> at work.. hehe
:) that moment when I feel I’ve been productive at the end of my day at work.
:) listening and/or sound-tripping on feel-good music
:) and discovering new music, too
:) traveling to a place I’ve never been before
:) discovering new food – yummy ones!
:) a nice chat with my friends, a bonus if it’s with a crush.. hahahearts!
:) date with my Mama
:) hearing my Mama laugh
:) receiving news that my brothers are doing good
:) knowing that no one in my family is sick.
:) spending the night singing at a videoke with friends
:) oh and yes, the happy hour!
:) singing! and playing my guitar, too!
:) finishing a new blog post! (like this one later.. ;)), much more finishing a blog challenge! *double winks!
:) writing a new poem!
:) a movie date!
:) a very powerful power nap.. haha!
:) when I read appreciative comments on the pictures I take, it never fails to make my day… because you see, I’m not a photographer. I just want to take pictures and share them. Those who say that I have an eye for photography are the inspiration why I created another blog that would solely share my pictures: jardjiiiphotography, though I never deny the fact that maybe it’s just really my iPhone that’s making good shots.. hehe)
:) a surprise phone call from a friend I haven’t heard in a long time
:) attending one of the sessions at The Feast Bay Area by Bo Sanchez (mass, worship, and talk)
:) a good night’s sleep
:) an answered prayer

and a lot, lot more to come..:)

We have always succeeded in believing certain people will make us happy – and this thinking is the actual reason that makes us sad. If only we train our eyes to see the good in every situation, maybe unlike catching for a Pokemon, catching happiness won’t be that hard to do..๐Ÿ˜‰


*I actually have written about my happiness list with the same title happiness is.. 3 years ago.

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pen and paper


The first time I heard the word and learned its meaning, big word. I learned about it through friends who knew I love to write. They suggested that I try blogging – an online diary. I searched about these online diaries, and other sites that host blogging. I have created accounts on websites that can be a medium for blogging – blogger, tumblr, and a lot of its kind but I haven’t maintained any of it. I get bored using them. I liked writing manually by pen and paper more than typing online.

I like to write. I am a very quiet person with a mind that won’t shut up. You know being a quiet person doesn’t mean you know nothing. With me, it’s the opposite. I’m quiet because I love to observe and I think a lot. My Facebook statuses before are not just one-liner statements – blog-long thoughts.

Before I took on to blogging, I used pen and paper. Whenever I feel at my writer’s block, I get a pen, turn the back of my notebook and start cursive writing. I smile whenever I write in cursive, because just like it I think it’s my thoughts that guide my hand as it continues to write that way non-stop.

Online blogging. I finally gave it a chance when I created this blog 8 years ago. I did not have a hard time tweaking themes as I used to enjoy tweaking my Friendster page years ago. If there is a task that I had a hard time that was finding a name. This blog started as little dream cloud – as described in my introduction to this site. Oh, now makes me realize that I haven’t updated it’s link! Until it became “My Thotful Spot”. Pardon the spelling as I adapted it to Winnie the Pooh’s “thotful spot”.๐Ÿ˜‰

I never considered myself as a blogger. I don’t think I could pass as one. 8 years of blogging (not including the years since elementary when I started writing poems and essays) – typing my written words onto this editor and I still feel like a newbie. I really do not know how to blog. All I know is there are a lot of things I want to write – a lot of thoughts I want to share.



Now I am not sure if this could pass the IBMC #09: Be A Baby Challenge. (now feeling desperate.. hehe)

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