hear my heart out, one last time..

For the past 2 weeks, I have decided to think of nothing else but happy thoughts. Even if there were times I have reasons to be sad and about to tear up, I would just browse on my playlist and turn to my favorite feel-good songs while telling myself, “no no no.. stop it.. happy thoughts lang tayooo”..

But just today, while on fb.. This little sad thing came up again.. And I have once again realized, and been keeping this to myself for some time now: You never really appreciated me. I guess no matter what, nothing of what I did, do, or will do, will be enough for you. Hmmm.. Nakakainis. Nakakatampo but I’ll never take it against you. :)

A friend once told me that I’m one of those few people who appreciates even the small things. So maybe, that’s my problem – expecting people to appreciate the little things like I do.

I once read somewhere that some people choose a person like how they choose their cereal – based on color not on taste. So I guess, yun na lang iisipin ko. You don’t appreciate me because I’m not your favorite color, and I will never be. :’)

Last sad post na ‘to.

*pinky promise* :)

Finding “happy” 2015 – Day 22

Day 22: “Mama Ocel” duties. Went with her to buy shoes she could use for the Linggo ng Wika program in her Nursery school. :)   

Finding “happy” 2015 – Day 21

Day 21: Productive Sunday. Researched on how to get to Monasterio de Tarlac, called a bus liner for trip schedules, had time to draw, and my nails done. ;)


Finding “happy” 2015 – Day 20

Day 20: OUAT Season 4 marathon :) And I’m too excited for Season 5 as there will be my favorite Disney Princess, Merida from Brave :)


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