*I just feel so broken-hearted.. I love yamapi so much that it sometimes hurts.. Click image for a bigger picture.. yakusoku suru next times may be too far.. fate says, today is too soon.. maybe we're not meant to meet each other now i just hope to see you someday, somehow i may not be … Continue reading *broken-hearted*

first try..

Gomen nasai.Nothing suteki.Nothing interesting to post about.. I just tried playing around with photoshop..Learning is a process.. and my learning will start with Pi.. lol;)*click the pic for a bigger one.. 😉

[screenCaps]: NEWS on HEY3x (11.01.2010)

Here are just a few of the screen caps I was able to grab from earlier on HEY3x.I was also able to record their parts, but too bad Audio was not recorded.. (I only have the video)..So now, I'm just gonna share screen caps.. LQ though..  *NEWS 7th Member AI is when.. we all waited for … Continue reading [screenCaps]: NEWS on HEY3x (11.01.2010)