duon po sa Kamay ni Hesus

When Charitie had to renew her passport in Lucena I decided to come with her. It was the only DFA branch nearest Manila that had available slots in April by the time she scheduled for an appointment. She searched on how to get there and we discovered that it’s more or less 3 hours of … Continue reading duon po sa Kamay ni Hesus


Night at Iloilo River Esplanade

Last year I got the chance to travel alone by plane for the first time ever. It wasn't overseas, but hey, for me it was already an achievement! I took a plane trip to Iloilo to attend my friend Donna's wedding in another town. Since it was my first time to travel alone, I decided … Continue reading Night at Iloilo River Esplanade

weekly smiles – Jessica

Jessica (right) and I first met in 2013 in another IT Company where we became teammates in one of then on-going projects. We have been friends ever since. We both left the company in 2014 and have only seen each other twice after that. The second time was only yesterday! It has been almost three … Continue reading weekly smiles – Jessica