Change Doesn’t Change.

Things change and so do people. You can’t expect them to stay the way they are forever. We meet different people every now and then. We have always been reminded that change is the only constant thing in the world. Putting it ironically, CHANGE is the only thing in the world that DOESN’T CHANGE. During … Continue reading Change Doesn’t Change.

Written. Timed. Measured.

When we want something done and was able to do it by the deadline we have set to ourselves, it is good luck. When things happen unexpectedly at our advantage, we think that it was because of our good and sometimes regarded as perfect timing. A teammate in need of a user account and password … Continue reading Written. Timed. Measured.

a living funeral

Most of us are afraid to talk about death, but one quote of whose author I don't know says that Death (that thing we fear) could be a very beautiful experience. I have thought about this -- how come it's a beautiful experience when death means losing the people you love, and leaving them (in … Continue reading a living funeral