Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge





..a series of indulgence…. 🙂


[haiku]: 214


I asked for a sign
An answer to my question
White rose for a ‘yes’

..and I got one on Valentines.

I was thinking of what's going to be my Valentines on the 14th. I got sentimental that I told myself that if I ever I receive a white rose from someone on the 14th, it would be a sign that the one I love loves me, too. That would also mean that I can still hold on to my little hope that someday the love that I have been waiting for will come. 🙂

simple truths people often forget

Question 707 by marcandangel @ ThoughtQuestions.com

People often forget:

That we can’t always have everything that we want.. maybe we can, but NOT all at once.

There are things we are not meant to hold or keep.

Life is short to fill it with sadness and be with people who bring it.

There are people who are just meant to teach us something — nothing more, nothing less.

Real friends sometimes disguise as your worst enemies – so don’t take it against them if they won’t back you up sometimes.

Time is the greatest gift you can give to someone – so don’t wonder if your family, friends, or someone close to you won’t ask for anything, but your precious time. 😉

We only get what we give – so don’t expect to receive respect if you haven’t given it first.

Happiness should not be dependent on any one, or on anything. Your own happiness depends only on you. You choose for it. People close to you can only wish it for you – it’s your responsibility to fulfill that wish.

Just because you were hurt by someone before, doesn’t mean that the persons that are yet to come in your life will do the same as hurt you.

We don’t own the life that we live. Just because our lives are borrowed, doesn’t mean we are allowed to waste it. It’s not ours, so take care of it. Lastly,

“To Live” is the miracle we should all be asking and praying for every day.. 🙂

These are just on my list. I believe there are still a lot more truths people tend to forget.. just as I did. 😉