#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 54

I feel appreciated and recognized today. 🙂

Despite of all the issues, environment problems I am encountering in my current project’s test execution, somebody still thinks I am good.

A QA Lead from India who visited us here in Manila, and who is also overlooking at all the project’s assigned to Philippines QA team, told one of my team mates whom he asked to help me that he thinks I am good at handling my assigned project.

Joana told me in passing, “ang galing-galing mo nga daw eh sabi ni Suresh (QA lead from India), pati daw un QA lead sa project nyo.” Suresh said you’re very good in your project, as well as your QA lead.”

It made me happy knowing that Suresh is actually noticing all my efforts for the project, to think that Suresh has high standards and expectations to each of the testers.

That’s all for today at work.

..and a bonus! I got a call for a Job Offer from another IT company. 🙂


#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 53

I feel motivated today. I feel so determined to finish or at least progress even a little on my test execution.

I went offline in my office messenger so I could focus only on my work.

The whole day is tiring.

I did not progress because of repeating issues but I still tried. 😉