something on Tuesday that made me smile on Wednesday..

It was a rainy tuesday the other day. Another day to stay in "Alaska"-temperatured spot/cube in the office, doing nothing else but read read, and read CBTs you can find in the MyLearning site.. After realizing that I have completed almost all my required CBTs, I tried to search for Books24x7, registered for it, clicked … Continue reading something on Tuesday that made me smile on Wednesday..

hanapin mo happyness mo.. ^. (mauna…… una! mahuli…..taya!)

May gusto kang gawin, di mo magawa.. Atat ka nang simulan un gusto mong gawin pero di mo naman magawang simulan.. Marami kang gustong gawin na hindi pa nagagawa ng karamihan, pero dahil takot kang mauna, hindi mo magawa.. so, maghihintay ka na lang na may makaisip na gawin un gusto mong gawin, para magawa … Continue reading hanapin mo happyness mo.. ^. (mauna…… una! mahuli…..taya!)

just a thought..

after all.. eto latest na realization ko.. "the difference between an emotional and a physical pain is that, sa physical pain bukod sa alam mo kung gano kasaket, alam mo rin where the pain is coming from.. sa emotional pain, you don't know san ba, basta ang alam mo lang masaket sya, yun at yun … Continue reading just a thought..

inexplicably soon to overflow.

"ilabas mo na yan.." -that's what they're telling me now.. I know and tell you what, I really want to let it out. I just can't find time (busy kase ako kaya diko mahanapan ng oras. siyet)..Kung alam niyo lang, sana naging tae na lang 'toh para madaling ilabas.. kaso hindi.. I need help.. echos.. … Continue reading inexplicably soon to overflow.