Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal




Above pictures were taken just last weekend, Saturday (Nov10) at the Bonifacio High Street Playground after me and my friends joined in the United Colors of 88 Run (charity fun run). We were just playing around taking pictures while doing random poses there.

Fun runs have already become our way to bond and de-stress away from work. Running is indeed fun with friends! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


the path walk, and the swing

bumper sticker from jasonmraz.com

and my attempt on creating LOVE


The bumper sticker on my guitar in the second picture was bought from the Jason Mraz Online Store. I really love his latest album LOVE: Is A Four Letter Word and how he was able to show us that the four shapes in his album cover: rectangle, circle, triangle, square, respectively can form and spell the word LOVE.

“If we can see love even in those shapes (rectangle, circle, triangle, square), then it’s possible to see love in the world around us.” -Jason Mraz

Love it. 🙂