104/365 just like the palm branches

Today is Palm Sunday. While at the Mass and looking at the palm branches (palaspas) people brought to church, I suddenly realized something. These palm branches after a year, before the next year's Ash Wednesday, are brought to Church again to be burned. The ashes from the burnt branches are then used on Ash Wednesday. … Continue reading 104/365 just like the palm branches

99/365 line from hawkeye

I have been on a Marvel Movies marathon. By doing so, I realized how watching them again makes me appreciate my less favorite characters (team Ironman here 😉). I like Hawkeye, too because I like archery. Hehe! Anyway, I was watching Avengers: Age of Ultron earlier. Hawkeye, in one of the scenes with Wanda (Scarlet … Continue reading 99/365 line from hawkeye

98/365 nilalagnat ang earth

Sobrang init na lately and every time na may kausap ako in person or sa chat, di ko mapigilab mag-comment about how hot it is today. Sabi ng friend ko ang pakiramdam daw ngayon is para kang may lagnat pero sa labas. Sabi ko naman, nilalagnat ang Earth. Grabe. Nakaupo lang ako pero pawis na … Continue reading 98/365 nilalagnat ang earth

95/365 a reminder for my kid cousin

Cyra Jace, or as we fondly call her Jhecee is my kid cousin who has been living with us since she was 4 years old (or even younger). She still has her parents but her father, my Uncle, wanted her to grow up in Quezon City. Even then we had a set up where every … Continue reading 95/365 a reminder for my kid cousin