names in the sand

Post #67

Got this prompt from the 25 Beautifully Illustrated Thought-Provoking Questions

Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

It would be writing my friends’ names in the sand while wishing that they were at the same place as I was at that time.

i miss you

I think this is worth remembering. :’)


back on track

Post #66

After this one last post for tonight, I will be back on track again for the postaday2011 challenge. I hope not to miss any more days after this. I will try no to. 🙂

So this is my 66th post.. I can’t believe I am able to survive this blogging challenge until now. I feel good engaging myself into this kind of challenge. 2011 is indeed a blogging year for me – because of WordPress. 🙂

Really feels good to be back on track again! 🙂

random object

Post #65

Today’s prompt:

Write about something you see.

1) Stand up

2) Turn to your right

3) Count objects you see, and stop at #3.

4) Write about whatever item #3 is.

It’s already dark here in my room so I will not not nos. 1 and 2 anymore. For this post, I will just use the things I see on my desk.

The 3rd object would be my cellphone. It is a Nokia C3 unit. It is WiFi-enabled, has 2 mega pixel camera, and has a qwerty keypad.  I named it “Tomo-chan”, after my favorite Japanese actor/singer’s name Tomohisa.

I like this unit mainly because it is WiFi-enabled. 😀 I can open my Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress accounts with just my broadband on and connect to it. I really find it useful every time I feel lazy to open and use the desktop. Hehe!

That’s it!

if you were God for one day..

Post #64

A few days ago, I had a chat with a friend. It’s during those days when we feel bored that we play “Q&A” game -only that she will be the one who asks a question, and I will be the one to answer. It’s just like an interview between friends.

One of the questions she asked was:

If you were God for one day, what would you do to the world?

I can’t remember the exact question, but it’s something like that.

I laughed at her question and thought of not giving her a serious answer, but I gave it a second thought and finally came up with an answer.. 🙂

if I were God for one day, I’d shuffle all my people

I’d bring light to the blind,

and take away the sight of those who can see..

I’d give voices to the deaf/mute

I’d take away speech and hearing from those who can speak and hear..

I’d take away all the riches of the wealthy

I’d give riches to the poor and needy..

So that when everything comes back to its original order,

Every one would realize how it feels to be like the other.