Happy New Year!

How’s your last day (for 2010) going? 🙂

Today, I was able to watch Johnny’s Jr Special aired in TV Asahi.
And since I was able to do screencaps, I’d like to give you
a year-ender yamapi-related gift! LOL XD!

Here are some screencaps from Johnny’s Jr Special… all YAMAPI! 🙂

douzo! 🙂



[news gif]: MASSU

This post is actually, specially made for someone as dear as our dear buta…
for  who feels down lately.. 😦

I’m just so sad to see our human "smiley" (just like her ichiban) sad………

kat, yo.. this may not be as good as the gifs you have already made, I just want to make you smile even for just 0.00000000001 second.. 

so let me…. i mean, let massu do the job of making you smile.. XD

ja~n.. douzo! 

*taken from NEWS LIVE LIVE LIVE! Documentary.. 🙂

life may give you a hundred reasons to be tired,

people may keep pulling you down..


just keep holding on to your bar and push yourself up..  (ehhhhh??)

remember to smile! XD

time for fun..!

A very busy, yet fun day..
Woke up very early..
Waited for someone important until before lunchtime..
Gave up and decided to prepare to leave..

Went to the office..
Printed my medical reimbursement..
Had a little nice chat with an office friend..

Left the office..
Finally made it to TIMEZONE at Glorietta 4 and met with my NYUSU.Ph friends (again..)
We were so excited to see each other as if we didn’t see each other just the other day..

We sang at the Videoke booth in TimeZone. Had a little battle in two groups.
Botzki having the most number of 100 points gained..

It was such a super fun afternoon.

Ended the day with a purikura

a nice day.. :)

My day.. that was yesterday.. (and I’m still awake today..)

[December 27, 2010]

I was so excited to wake up for NYUSU.ph meet-up..
BUT, I wasn’t able to attend in the morning.. due to unwanted circumstances..

teary-eyed, I slept.. from the time I woke up at 9am.. ’til afternoon.. UNTIL my youngest brother woke me up..
otouto: ate, yun package dumating na! 
[nee-chan! your package just arrived!]

and I got up at once..

out side the gate, was……………………………………….. a delivery!

my NEWS LIVE LIVE LIVE Dome Party 2010 DVD!
*ureshii*!!!! XD


plus my first GIF XDD >>