Daily Prompt: Imagine All the People

From Daily Prompt: Imagine

The next time you’re in a public place — a coffeehouse, a park, a store — observe the people around you. Pick a person, a couple, or a group, and imagine what their lives might be like.

This is just the right prompt.

I’ve been observing people these days – well almost everyday, on the way to work, during lunch time and breaks, up to the time I spend going home. I’ve been thinking about people. Happy-looking people makes me think if they still maintain the same happiness when they get home, or are they just making the most out of the day that they are outside their homes to forget anything (if there is any) that makes them sad in the house… just like me.


Daily Prompt: I am a Rock


I used to be a rock. I don’t ask for help not even when I am really close to crying and giving up. People only know when they notice me but not because I tell them.

But I have already learned to seek for help. I know now when to ask for it. Asking somebody’s help won’t hurt, anyway.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It only means we’re brave enough to accept that there are some things that we cannot do alone.

**in response to Daily Prompt: I am a Rock