nth wheel

..And maybe this is why I never knew how it feels like to be the 3rd or 5th or 7th and so forth wheel. Because I never felt like one. :') (nakakatawa kase nung tuesday lang namin narealize na 5th wheel ako.. At ngayon ko lang naisip na pumayag akong sumama nuon without thinking "teka … Continue reading nth wheel

Sir/Ma’m, May I Go Out

Whenever Mama and I would visit my elementary school, the Directress would always tell us, "ay nung sinabi nung guard na andyan daw si Jocelle, sabi ko 'ay papasukin mo yan papasukin mo yan estudyante yan dito'." When I visited after 20 years, Ms. Castroberde walked up to me excitedly and gave me a hug … Continue reading Sir/Ma’m, May I Go Out

[pov]: on networking

Lure the people to join you not by showing off your position or by the wealth, expensive gadgets/accessories that you're gaining from what you do, but by the health benefits your products have to offer and how it can improve their life in terms of well-being, not just wealth-being. Yes, we're not here to just … Continue reading [pov]: on networking