Ang ‘kalesa’ at ang aking mga co-kutseros :)

2 years ago, I was looking for every possible reason and way to be rolled off from my project that time. My former lead and AM who knew about my dilemma, who was then staffing for her new team/project told me to update my CV and send it to her. I did as I was … Continue reading Ang ‘kalesa’ at ang aking mga co-kutseros 🙂

Happiness is…

a nice conversation one pack of chocnut guitars! the LOVE bumper stickers and LINE stickers, too! Hehe a new blog follower a hoodie jacket a backpack a 'very good!' or a 'good job' an 'I care' and an 'I believe in you' when someone reads what I write when someone listens to my recordings no … Continue reading Happiness is…

End the Chain. Choose What You Pay Forward.

We only give what we were given. We give love because we were given love. We show others kindness because once in our life we were shown with it. It’s nice to know that these are chains of good deeds or experiences. We pass on to someone the good that we received as a form … Continue reading End the Chain. Choose What You Pay Forward.

what is it in me..

"bakit ganun, Jocelle.. pag malungkot kasama ka, pag masaya na, wala ka na?" --a friend once asked me in High School. He figured this out kase... once there was a group of 5 girl friends. Then one day, 4 of them had a conflict with 1. So yun girl, out of nowhere, bigla na lang … Continue reading what is it in me..