1/365 Write a Good One

Happy New Year! A lot had happened in 2018 but instead of counting the bad ones which I do not regret (things happen for a reason, anyway), I like to be thankful more for the good things. In 2018, I traveled to two places I have never been to before -Batanes and Davao (I have … Continue reading 1/365 Write a Good One

Goodnight, 2016!

Goodnight, 2016! Know that you have been my best, so far! Although there were down times, sad times, ganang wala namang perfect talaga.  And so, as I turn the last page to this book (2016), I'd like to say my, kumbaga sa real book eh 'Acknowledgments'. Thank you to all who have made my 2016 … Continue reading Goodnight, 2016!