Tick Tock Tick Tock

Tick tock tick tock. Heart beats like a clock. Every take of breath, tick. Every release of it, tock. Each of us have a different need of time. Some of us need more of it – too many tasks so little time. Some of us want it fast – hating Mondays then asking Friday to come quick, quickly. While others want time to slow down it kills them to watch it pass them by. Life may be measured by how much time we spent on earth. But it must actually be measured by how each tick and tock is spent well living.

The start and end of the dates in our tombstones don’t matter. The dash between them matters most.


I just started the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge wherein there are 10 tasks or prompts to be completed in 15 days.

Today’s post is written for the first task: IBMC #01: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge


where does the sun set last


Same time yesterday (1:40-ish am), a question popped into my head and I decided to search for the answer over the net.

“Where does the sun set last?”

I came upon so many answers but none of them was the answer I was expecting to get as the answers came from different interpretations of the question. Some took the question literally saying that nobody knows when the last sunset will be, and the like.

While I was still searching for the right or at least serious answer, I thought that the question might be a good subject or line for a poem. Then I suddenly thought of the following lines…

where does the sun rise first?
where does the sun set last?
if the time here is too slow
would the time there be too fast ..

if you were here
and if I were there
would I be contented
or still wish to be somewhere..?

Now, I don’t know how to continue and finish this poem anymore. I will just let it as is, posting so this simple random poem won’t go to waste, hoping someday I’ll find words to finish it. 🙂

a few hours of your day versus a whole of mine..

i have been able to adjust my time, even share my whole day several times and would sometimes take a day off work..today is the only time that i really can’t..and it’s sad to know that they can’t even sacrifice a few hours of their time for me..

ang lungkot pala talagang marealize na minsan kung anong kaya mong gawin para sa ibang tao lalo na close friends mo, eh hindi nila magawa kahit man lang katiting nung extent ng ginawa mo.. baka akala niyo nanunumbat ako for feeling this way.. but I’M NOT.. dumating na lang siguro sa point na yung observation ko eh nagiging consistent.. kumbaga sa expression “parang nakakahalata na ako ah”..

i have not been tired of going extra mile just so makumpleto un mga taong gusto ko maging kumpleto sa isang specific day.. i have also gone a long mile just so i can attend a friend’s “Big Day” tipong extra mile na un for me dahil ako yun tipong tamad talaga magfile ng leave.. lalo na kung kakaroll-in ko palang..but i have done that saying na by hook or by crook hindi niyo ako mapapapasok sa araw na yun, magwawala ako.. i have done those without IFs, without BUTs, without hesitation.. only to discover that they can’t even give me 4 – 5 hours of their time..

“Business is Business” –so they say.. grabe namang business yan di pwedeng isara ng mga 6:30 or 7pm for one day? eh 7 days-a-week tapos more or less 12 hours nakabukas yang business na yan..?? ako nga willing akong pumasok ng sobrang aga para 530pm wala nako sa building ng office just for this day.. tapos hihiritan ako ng kung pwede 11am na lang para kumpleto tayo? ..in all those times na dapat din kumpleto kame pinilit ko sila, pero it’s either hindi pwede dahil sa hindi daw talaga pwede, OR meron naman ipagpalit un araw na yun dahil sa biglang may pasok sya sa araw na dati pa nyang sinasabi off nya ang araw na yun..tapos ngayon sasabihin para kumpleto? friendship ring na pinagpalit sa ticket ng concert ni sarah geronimo, sinong hindi mapapamura jan..?

galit? hindi ako galit.. kase di ko rin namang kayang magalit.. at sa tuwing naiisip kong magalit naiiyak na lang ako..kase nga hindi ko magawang magalit… palilipasin ko na lang muna mga araw hanggang sa makalimutan ko na at topakin ulet ako ng maganda..

pero sa ngayon eto na muna ang sentiments ko–un narealize ko, na..

unfortunately, nobody wants to waste even a quarter of their time with me no matter how many times i’ve been willingly able to give my WHOLE DAY just to be with them..


am i too bad to post this..? whether or not im bad for posting this.. i wont care anymore.. bket ba, blog ko toh, akin toh.. charing! 🙂

aynako! talaga naman! ang hirap magalit pag mahal mo yun mga taong dahilan kung bakit ka nagagalit! di ko magawang magalit! 🙂

let the time heal this wound for about… hmm.. i dunno.. siguro pag napanuod ko na un seven pounds.. basta.. wag  muna tayo magkita.. 🙂

kaya naman nilang kumilos ng wala ako, AKO lang naman ang hindi kayang gumalaw ng wala sila, rather nang mag-isa eh..

*minsan siguro kelangan ko na rin talagang matutong mag-isa..*