philppines has i

There’s this viral picture of a banner that had the country’s name, the Philippines, misspelled (missing ‘i’ between ‘l’ and ‘p’). It was a Welcome banner for the ASEAN delegates who will be attending the summit. The viral post was a call-out not to just pinpoint the incorrectly spelled country name, but actually to question … Continue reading philppines has i

[pov]: on networking

Lure the people to join you not by showing off your position or by the wealth, expensive gadgets/accessories that you're gaining from what you do, but by the health benefits your products have to offer and how it can improve their life in terms of well-being, not just wealth-being. Yes, we're not here to just … Continue reading [pov]: on networking

pov of the sock that was left behind

The story of the missing sock: write a post from the perspective of the sock that was left behind. #89 " Where did my pair go, I wonder Left in the washing machine? Or stuck in the drawer? We were together just days ago, But suddenly now I cannot find him.. oh no! Did … Continue reading pov of the sock that was left behind

bfgf tvc

Post #79 From Name a discontinued product that you wish you could still buy. I can't think of anything, but there's something that was discontinued, that I still want to see. It's the McDo TV Commercial which was aired in a very short time. This was the McDonalds Philippines 2011' BFGF commercial. I searched … Continue reading bfgf tvc