10/365 five years

Time really flies so fast. 5 years ago, I did not know how to survive 2014. The days seemed so slow I felt it's going to take forever. After my maternal grandmother and my father died respectively on the first 2 consecutive Fridays of the new year, I feared every coming Friday since. I would … Continue reading 10/365 five years

lessons of the pencils

In today’s sermon during the Holy Mass, the priest reminded us of the parable of the pencils. I was glad to hear it because it’s one of my favorites. The lessons that the pencil-maker told the pencils are something we can all learn from. We are so much like the pencils. Everything you do will … Continue reading lessons of the pencils

my earth is somebody’s ceiling

🎶So how do you do it? With just words and just music, capture the feeling that my earth is somebody’s ceiling..🎶 --are the lines to Sara Bareilles’ song Chasing the Sun. ‘My earth is somebody’s ceiling’ have been my favorite caption to pictures I take such as above. I love that song since the first time … Continue reading my earth is somebody’s ceiling

ang buhay parang butterfly… (weh!?)

These are dead butterfly's wings I just found minutes ago in one of my notebooks.. I remember when I first saw this more or less 5 years ago. Paalis ako ng bahay nun, pag-tapak ko ng hagdan sa labas ng bahay sa JEM2, nakita ko ito sa lapag - sa steps mismo nung semento sa … Continue reading ang buhay parang butterfly… (weh!?)