fighting man pv screen caps (+download)

minna~!Just finished watching the Fighting Man PV and the 6 suteki boys, i mean MEN (yes! they've already grown into beautiful men!) just got me speeeechless, so here is a quick post of picspams from the PV.. all pics - i'm in so much awe that i couldn't even think of putting in captions! Very very … Continue reading fighting man pv screen caps (+download)


I really can't get enough of NEWS Member Ai.. Their love for each other just don't stay among the usual pairs, or the NEWS bestfriends (ryopi, koyashige, tegomasu). Their love rotates and spreads from each and every member, making it reach the 7th member.. 🙂 (oh yes, im a 7th member - member ai addict!) … Continue reading The UNPLUGGED NEWS Member AI 🙂