a nice day.. :)

My day.. that was yesterday.. (and I'm still awake today..)[December 27, 2010]I was so excited to wake up for NYUSU.ph meet-up..BUT, I wasn't able to attend in the morning.. due to unwanted circumstances..teary-eyed, I slept.. from the time I woke up at 9am.. 'til afternoon.. UNTIL my youngest brother woke me up..otouto: ate, yun package … Continue reading a nice day.. 🙂

[screenCaps]: NEWS on HEY3x (11.01.2010)

Here are just a few of the screen caps I was able to grab from earlier on HEY3x.I was also able to record their parts, but too bad Audio was not recorded.. (I only have the video)..So now, I'm just gonna share screen caps.. LQ though..  *NEWS 7th Member AI is when.. we all waited for … Continue reading [screenCaps]: NEWS on HEY3x (11.01.2010)

NEWS Unplugged (+Loveless – YamaPI)

Since I started posting and sharing caps from Fighting Man PV, I'm now gonna post my previous screen caps from Unplugged. download: MF ~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~and now.. from the PV making of LOVELESSby Yamashita Tomohisa download more: MFEnjoy! <.^