[news gif]: MASSU

This post is actually, specially made for someone as dear as our dear buta…
for  who feels down lately.. 😦

I’m just so sad to see our human "smiley" (just like her ichiban) sad………

kat, yo.. this may not be as good as the gifs you have already made, I just want to make you smile even for just 0.00000000001 second.. 

so let me…. i mean, let massu do the job of making you smile.. XD

ja~n.. douzo! 

*taken from NEWS LIVE LIVE LIVE! Documentary.. 🙂

life may give you a hundred reasons to be tired,

people may keep pulling you down..


just keep holding on to your bar and push yourself up..  (ehhhhh??)

remember to smile! XD


[screenCaps]: NEWS on HEY3x (11.01.2010)

Here are just a few of the screen caps I was able to grab from earlier on HEY3x.
I was also able to record their parts, but too bad Audio was not recorded.. (I only have the video)..
So now, I’m just gonna share screen caps.. LQ though..

fighting man pv screen caps (+download)


Just finished watching the Fighting Man PV and the 6 suteki boys, i mean MEN (yes! they’ve already grown into beautiful men!) just got me speeeechless, so here is a quick post of picspams from the PV.. all pics – i’m in so much awe that i couldn’t even think of putting in captions! Very very very nice song and pv! A song that simply reminds us to fight! fight! and fight with all our might and never give up, as yamaPi said: "kesshite akiramenai!" (never giveup!) ..

the 6 Fighting suteki ikeMen:

download more screencaps..?