[news gif]: MASSU

This post is actually, specially made for someone as dear as our dear buta...for  who feels down lately.. 😦 I'm just so sad to see our human "smiley" (just like her ichiban) sad......... kat, yo.. this may not be as good as the gifs you have already made, I just want to make you smile … Continue reading [news gif]: MASSU

a nice day.. :)

My day.. that was yesterday.. (and I'm still awake today..)[December 27, 2010]I was so excited to wake up for NYUSU.ph meet-up..BUT, I wasn't able to attend in the morning.. due to unwanted circumstances..teary-eyed, I slept.. from the time I woke up at 9am.. 'til afternoon.. UNTIL my youngest brother woke me up..otouto: ate, yun package … Continue reading a nice day.. 🙂