Bestfriends are born, not made.

I was browsing on my godchild Colynn's facebook timeline. It was her birthday 3 days ago. I saw that she posted a picture of art materials (2 sets of kokoru corrugated papers, glue stick, art booklet for the kokoru) that I sent her as a birthday gift. I also saw among the pictures that she … Continue reading Bestfriends are born, not made.

Flowers for a Friday Post

I am not really fond of flowers. I do not like flowers. I just don't like them because flowers are too girly for me - it's like I can't imagine my friends seeing me with a bouquet of flowers. I'd rather be seen with my mouth full of chocolates than hands filled with lovely flowers. … Continue reading Flowers for a Friday Post

I’ll just keep writing..

If no one ever read your blog or knew that it existed, would you continue to write? My answer is 'Yes'. I have been writing since high school. I wrote poems. I had a notebook where I had literally written all my poems (now I wonder where that notebook had been all this time). … Continue reading I’ll just keep writing..

what makes me happy

Since I have already completed the 2 30-day blog challenges, I asked for friends' help in giving me ideas on what to post by letting them ask me anything under the sun just so I can survive the NaBloPoMo Challenge. My friend, Kat responded at once and commented with a question as a topic. What … Continue reading what makes me happy