what are you giving?

If you’re giving bitterness to the world, then bitterness will come back to you. While if you give love to the world, love will come back to you.

Love is willing to give itself no matter the cost.

~Bro. George Gabriel

Today’s prayer: “Jesus, I open my heart to you. Fill me up with love so I can give love to the world.”



ang love parang peace talks

Ang Love parang peace talks. Kelangan pareho nyo gusto. Kase it won’t work kung ikaw lang pala may gusto. 🙂

At dapat una muna magkaron kayo ng trust sa isa’t isa. Trust na makikipag-cooperate yung isa to attain peace, at trust dahil sabi nga “you can’t always trust the one you love but you can always love the one you trust”.

when you have too much of something.. like love

When you have too much of something, you give some to those who you want to share it with, and then you save some for yourself. Then sometimes, even when you have already allotted for everyone and you already have saved enough for yourself, you still have something left as excess. And just so we can get rid of it, we sometimes tend to just give it to others without knowing if they even deserve it or not.

Just like the 4 origami hearts that I created yesterday. I already gave one to my friend, Cyrilin and I intend to keep one for myself. Now I still have 2 hearts left. Then I decided that I will just find two random places where I could hide them, and let each be found by random people.


Like love. When you have too much love in your heart, you give it generously to people who sometimes don’t even deserve some of it. :’)

#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 12

Never expect too much, but don’t give up totally.

That is one beautiful advise that a friend told me today. He was neither giving me hope nor letting me down. He just wants me to not hold on too tight on this little hope that I have – the hope that someday I could be someone’s someone. 🙂

And that made my day. 🙂