the unknown

IBMC #06: The Mass Media Challenge is about creating a story using 3 given materials/objects: a one-verse poem, a word which is "telephone", and below picture. There said to be another world no one knows where exactly. Another realm inhabited by lost souls, a place where there is only one telephone - the only means that these … Continue reading the unknown

connect the quotes

Now, this I think is my failed attempt to the IBMC #05: The Not So Quite Quote Challenge. There are 5 quotes that I am to make a story out of so all 5 could be related to and hopefully make sense altogether. Oh my. I'm gonna hide my face behind my palms for this post. … Continue reading connect the quotes

resting b*tch face.

For IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge, I am supposed to pick one of the 5 given haikus and then say something about it. I choose Haiku 01: expressions of face happy sad angry frown shy face is the index Oh. The expressions of the face. I don't usually believe in someone's facial expressions. A person's … Continue reading resting b*tch face.

so much Thursday

Our 5-year old cocker spaniel dog walks then stops by to reach my 3-month old shihtzu like a mom giving a quick kiss to her daughter. He woke up early motivated for school only to find out the class was suspended. The tough-guy President's speech threatening criminals was delivered in Bekinese (gay language). She spent sleepless nights … Continue reading so much Thursday