happiness is..

..something that we are always in search of as if it's rare, yet it is something that can easily be found. We are always looking for happiness. We often ask when will we be happy. We are in constant search of things or persons that will make us really happy. We fail to realize that there … Continue reading happiness is..

on my happy path..

I'm following my own "happy path". :)I may sometimes pass on bumpy roads, may even experience moderate rain showers or stormy weathers, but this is just because happy paths don't always have to be smooth. I am on my happy path and I'll treat everything that'll come my way to shake me as just big raindrops … Continue reading on my happy path..

#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 19

Share Happiness. Share A Coke! 🙂 I was on my way to work when I saw the Coca-Cola #ShareACoke booth was being set up in front of the UP Ayala TechnoHub. I was so happy to see that booth that I find myself smiling as I approached it. I once promised a friend to get … Continue reading #101DaysOfSmiles – Day 19

100 Happy Days – Finished!

Three days ago, I finished my 100-HappyDay Challenge. I admit that it had been tough. There were really days when I just want to give this challenge up but thank God I never did. The main goal of the challenge was for the participants to learn to see and recognize things that make them happy … Continue reading 100 Happy Days – Finished!