13/365 loyalty

I watched Dumplin' today on Netflix and I'd like to share this quote about loyalty. “But loyalty isn’t blind love. It shouldn’t be taken for granted. Loyalty means telling someone when they’re wrong when no one else will. And loyalty means apologizing when you’re wrong, because of the trust you’ve built over time. Loyalty is … Continue reading 13/365 loyalty

eight boys and a girl

It was around this time almost two decades ago when I was watching a group of boys as they stand up to a group of girls for one. I can still remember the details—what happened, how it started, and why. It was unforgettable. It was a day I did not expect, a kind of day … Continue reading eight boys and a girl

opis friends

It’s nice to find friends in your team mates. It’s a blessing to keep them even after your project ends. Wala lang. Nakakatuwa lang kase bihira talaga yung ka-team na naging friend mo hanggang sa ma-roll off kayo, hanggang sa mapunta na kayo ng iba’t ibang company. Yung tipong office mate mo lang dati na … Continue reading opis friends

#101DaysOfSmiles – Day 5

Ben and Dougie. :') The story about the unlikely friendship of a Dog and a Dolphin. 🙂 Thanks to my friend, May, for sharing this to me. Here's the link >> Ben and Dougie 🙂