5/365 love, lola ditas

I haven't seen my fraternal grandmother for 3 years now. Last Christmas, we sent my brothers to her with a simple present. However, she wasn't home that day. They went back today to make sure she received the gift they left for her on Christmas day. When my brothers came back home, they brought something … Continue reading 5/365 love, lola ditas

the real test

“Everyone loses someone they care about. The real test of character is what you do once they’re gone.” ~Dr. Harrison Wells of Earth-2, The Flash⚡️Season 2 I have been catching up with The Flash series and that quote is one of many that stuck.. and is timely. As we remember the loved ones that we … Continue reading the real test

acceptance in advance

I wanted to write about this weeks ago but I am too lazy (nothing new) these days to write and blog about how I feel and what I have learned the past days and weeks. As you may notice, all my recent blog posts are only entries for the weekly photo challenge - just pictures … Continue reading acceptance in advance