You are there. I am here. We are where we are supposed to be.

Haven’t you realized we are where we are supposed to be? We are where we are because we are supposed to be here and not anywhere else..

Most people sometimes wish they are somewhere else other than the place or situation they’re in, sometimes also wish they’re with someone else other than the one they’re already with.. I am one of those people. I have always wished I am somewhere else, sometimes even wish I were somebody else. But as I think about it now, maybe it’s true that where I am, who I am with, is where God wants me to be, and the company I keep is the people He really wants me to be with.

“There are no accidents” says master oogway to shifu in the movie Kung Fu Panda.

Things happen because it is supposed to happen –neither by bad nor good luck. Good things happen because we are supposed to enjoy it; bad things happen because we are supposed to experience and learn from it. Favorable things come to us not because we are nature’s favorable one, nor unfavorable things happen because we are not special.

Regrets. Some time in life, we regret the past, not realizing that it’s because of the past that we are able to enjoy everything we are enjoying in the present. Regretful events happen, because it is supposed to enter our life once in a while.. to teach us to be thankful.

Take for example this: Some people think they’re not as good-looking as the other people they know. Is this because they are supposed to be less of what others are? NO. They may think that way, but I believe that odd things are there because other people are supposed to see the beauty in them.

All things happen because it is supposed to make us learn one thing: that whatever situation we’re in, it’s where God plans and wants us to be, and we just have to recognize that it is His Will.


Your Choice. Your Call. Your Fate. Your Life.

There was this story that I have heard many times from different story-tellers (priests, pastors, random people, and even read it somewhere) about a man who was having a hard time deciding what career to choose: to be a priest, or leave the seminary and start building his own family. He prayed one day that if someone comes up to him and give him flowers then he would stay in the seminary and become a priest, but if no one comes up, then he would have to leave (actually, im not really sure about what the second condition really was). And so, after he prayed, as he went outside the church, there was a child who ran up to him and gave him sampaguita (? –am I making up stories? Haha.. sakyan nyo na lang..hehe), then he thought that, that maybe the answer to his prayers—God may be telling him through the child that he should stay. But just after a few seconds, a woman came up to him to “bless” and told him “ang gwapo nyo naman father, sayang”.. whoa!

The man ended up leaving the seminary.. hehehehe

..the way I tell the story may not be as exact as how the others who knew it well, did.. but I hope you somehow understand what the story is trying to teach us..

They say that asking for signs is a SIGN of weakness in faith.

Some of us are used to asking for signs because we believe that signs tell us what He really wants for us.

*Guilty as charged*. Ehem ehem.. hehehe

2 nights ago (that was on Wednesday, 2/25’09), when I read the first few pages of my newly-bought book by Bo Sanchez entitled “How To Find Your One True Love, I realized that no matter what the signs are and how those signs are revealed to us, at the EOD, we will always be the one to choose.

I remember what Bo shared in the book, about the time he was facing the same decision-making situation as above.. He was praying for the right path to choose: the path to celibacy, or the path to having his own family and serve God in the ways he knows well. He even went on a 3-day retreat to have his prayers answered, with only a priest with him. His prayers were answered on the third day. It’s when he thought he heard these two simple words:

“You choose.”

..hehe.. Upon reading those two words, I repeated it to myself while imagining how God looked like when He told Bo those..

Actually as I am writing (rather typing.. hehe) in this minute I am imagining God with one eyebrow raised, and a smile, slightly bending to me while saying “You choose Jokel, Ako bahala pramis.. Madaming pramis” 😉

And to quote a line from Bo’s book.. this is what Fr. Manoling (the priest he was with) told him:

“We think that God’s will is found out there, somewhere in the stars. That’s not true. God’s will is found within. Ultimately, God’s will is your deepest desire.”

dyokjoc: “eh..Lord, deepest desire ko si ano.. suportahan niyo kaya ako..? hehe.. joke lang!”

GodBlessEveryone! 🙂 🙂 🙂

boat afloat


No storm can destroy my sail,
No water can sink my boat..
No rain can blurr my sight,
My faith will keep me afloat..

No wind can blow me down
No leader can make me kiss the ground
No person deserves my tears
Only HIM who washes away my fears..

No tune can make me dance
No song can make me sing
No one can really know my weakness and pacify my sadness
Only HIM and the feel of HIS presence..

No one has ever made me write this way
Never have i written something like this but today
Nothing has ever made me love what i do
I’m now doing all this not just because I have to..

No storm can destroy my faith
No water can sink my hopes
No rain can wash my joys away
Coz I will trust and give or leave everything up
in HIS Hands starting today..

God won’t give us a cross we can’t carry

I just want to share with you something i have told my friend via email who’s having her difficult times.. some of you may be having your most difficult times, or maybe someone you know may be experiencing their downtimes today… hmm.. why am i sharing you this? siguro dahil ilang beses lang sa isang taon ako nagiging positive katulad nito though a lot of people say i am (pero di ko naman feel..haha)

here it excerpt from my reply to a friend who needs some spanking..hehe

lahat ng tao may problema..
hmmm.. dalhin mo nlng ang problema positively.. hanapan mo ng bright side..
minsan kase.. at actually madalas naman pag may problema tayo, we look at it as a big mole in front of us.. at sa sobrang laki ng tingin natin dito, ang mindset natin is bket tayo lang may ganito, not knowing or realizing na there are so many people who’s carrying a much greater cross/burden than what we have…
gets mo..? parang there are definitely more people whom our own burdens are in no way be compared to what they have..
hindi natin narerealize na wala sa kalingkingan ng problema ng iba un problemang pinoproblema natin not until we meet someone na mas malaki pa kesa sa problema natin.. hehe.. diba diba??
hmm..minsan ganyan na lang sinasabi ko sa sarili ko pag masyado ko na nilulubog un sarili ko sa lungkot for having such big problems/worries..
o diba parang napaka-positive ko sa buhay para magsabi ng ganito.. hehe 🙂
live life..and love it…no matter how life would sometimes be one of the reasons that break your heart..
this is life ..remember..
it won’t be life w/o all these things.. 🙂
isipin mo na lang.. hindi nman magtatagal ngingiti din tayo.. 🙂
sabi nga sa the martian child na movie ..”..and the important thing in this life is to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever GIVE UP.. never ever ever ever..”
..that’s it.. i could only hope this helped her..
God won’t give us a cross we can’t carry.. and sometimes, the bigger or heavier our cross is, the more proud we should be because God puts more trust on us to carry that cross than anyone else.. 😉