30-Day Drawing Challenge – Day 12

Most Recent Accomplishment. It would be this drawing challenge. That I was able to finish one drawing a day from day 1 up to this day, even though I am not really good at drawing, is already an accomplishment! 🙂


30-Day Drawing Challenge – Day 10

Favorite Candy. Dynamite Candy - the mint candy with a chocolate surprise. 🙂 I didn't know how to draw it so please, excuse my doodle. 😉

30-Day Drawing Challenge – Day 4

Favorite Place. Where there are activities like zip lines, canopy rides, and tree drop. 🙂 I really like the places where there are zip lines - forest-like places. My favorite place is anywhere where there are lots of trees, grass where you can sit on and even lay down. But it's better if we can … Continue reading 30-Day Drawing Challenge – Day 4

30-Day Drawing Challenge – Day 1

Yourself. I can't draw the Me today and thought it would be easy to just draw the Me years ago. So I looked for my picture that I could copy and draw. Above drawing was copied from a picture 20+ years ago. 😉