keep on singing

Sing when you're happy, Sing when you're blue.. Sing on sunny days Sing on rainy days, too.. Sing when you're alone Sing even when no one listens Sing songs to your family Sing songs with your friends Sing even if you're out of tune Sing even if you can't hit notes Try singing while in … Continue reading keep on singing

where does the sun set last

Same time yesterday (1:40-ish am), a question popped into my head and I decided to search for the answer over the net. "Where does the sun set last?" I came upon so many answers but none of them was the answer I was expecting to get as the answers came from different interpretations of the … Continue reading where does the sun set last

bawal umiyak.

bawal umiyak, bawal lumuha itago mo na lang para 'di bumaha ilang beses ko na sinabing di na iisipin bakit hanggang ngayon, iyakin pa din ako na rin naman ang nagsabing wala na talaga okay lang naman pero kung di na kaya, tama na para lang akong araw - lumulubog lumilitaw bumabalik-balik, tapos aayaw.. haay. … Continue reading bawal umiyak.