Birthday Fundraiser

I have a soft spot for the deaf. I have always wanted to learn and be fluent in Sign Language so I make time watching Youtube videos in learning ASL. With this, I'd like to make my 35th birthday memorable by doing a fundraiser for the International Deaf Education Association, or IDEA. IDEA provides education … Continue reading Birthday Fundraiser


104/365 just like the palm branches

Today is Palm Sunday. While at the Mass and looking at the palm branches (palaspas) people brought to church, I suddenly realized something. These palm branches after a year, before the next year's Ash Wednesday, are brought to Church again to be burned. The ashes from the burnt branches are then used on Ash Wednesday. … Continue reading 104/365 just like the palm branches

99/365 line from hawkeye

I have been on a Marvel Movies marathon. By doing so, I realized how watching them again makes me appreciate my less favorite characters (team Ironman here 😉). I like Hawkeye, too because I like archery. Hehe! Anyway, I was watching Avengers: Age of Ultron earlier. Hawkeye, in one of the scenes with Wanda (Scarlet … Continue reading 99/365 line from hawkeye