[24HTV]: “Thank You to that Special Someone”

This is the first time I am able to watch 24-jikan terebi (24htv). I enjoyed last year’s theme with NEWS as hosts and so I decided to watch it real time this year (thanks to keyhole – nice nice!). A week ago, we thought NEWS will host 24htv again today, but unfortunately they just promoted the show since they were the hosts previously. Today’s host is the JE group TOKIO. By the way, I like Nagase Tomoya.. 🙂 So even though NEWS won’t be this year’s host, I still planned to watch it – not 24 hours perce though.. 🙂

Ja~ will just share with you all the screen caps I got from last night til today’s 24htv. So far, other JE artists that I saw were Ikuta Toma and Sakurai Sho (Arashi).. will still wait for NEWS to pop out of my screen.. (LOL) keep the faith, biriiv! 🙂

24htv: “Thank  You to that Special Someone”

"Thank You" screen caps