my Christmas poem

I have a friend I had an LQ with 4 weeks ago before today, Christmas. So I wrote this poem as my peace offering.

My Christmas Poem for You (Ghie)

My friendship with you is more important than my pride. 
Since it’s Christmas, I’m setting our LQ aside. 
You are one of the only few true friends that I ever had. 
Who can slap me awake when I need one real bad.

I’m really sorry for the last time we texted
It wasn’t how I wanted to end.
I swear the message I wrote him was never sent
Coz I’d rather lose a “superfriend” than a once in a lifetime true bestfriend.

Anyway, if you know the movie or the book “Love, Rosie”
He’s Alex and you’re Rosie’s friend, Ruby
I see myself as the stupid Rosie
And that pabebe girl as the (slutty) Bethany.

Merry Christmas, Ghie!
Things may never be the same again with me and you.
I just don’t want to end 2015 with us still on LQ.

She replied at once with: 
So I guess, I’m forgiven..? 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyone!

May we find it in our hearts to ask for forgiveness and forgive even those who won’t ask for it. 🙂


if I push you away..


When I push you away,
It doesn’t mean I don’t want you to stay.
And if I ever want you out,
It doesn’t mean that I don’t want you around.

Sometimes I answer your questions impolitely.
And it always seems I talk to you only half-heartedly.
I may sound as if I’m always mad at you,
But believe me, it’s actually never true.

If I push you away, it doesn’t mean I want you to go
If I ask you to leave, at the same time I’m hoping you’d say “No”
My heart is full of fear so I keep pushing people away
Because I don’t think that someone would really like to stay.

I used to be attached to people I care,
There were those who made me believe they’d always be there.
Until one day, everything suddenly stopped between them and me
Even if I know I didn’t do anything, I still kept saying I’m sorry.

So I made up an imaginary wall since then
Learning not to care so much so I won’t be hurt again..
But I admit sometimes I wish that you will still stay
Every time I try so hard to push you away..

fly, my paper butterfly

Oh my butterfly, fly away
May you be found by someone and make his/her day
Let yourself be found by someone who may be sad or needs a pat
Send them a message I wrote on your wings’ back..

You’re not just a paper, created with art
Remember that I did you from the heart
May you bring smiles to anyone who picks you
Just like folding you into a butterfly made me smile, too..

butterfly origami

I left a butterfly in Caleruega. 🙂

pov of the sock that was left behind

The story of the missing sock: write a post from the perspective of the sock that was left behind. – #89

Where did my pair go, I wonder
Left in the washing machine? Or stuck in the drawer?
We were together just days ago,
But suddenly now I cannot find him.. oh no!

Did you see him? Please tell me
I cannot be of use without him!
We were built in pairs – that is what I know
For this, we cannot let each other go.. alone.

But wait, was he the one missing? Or was it really I?
I’m now confused who really left and who was left behind
I am looking for him here and there
But he may be looking for me, too somewhere.