My first solo trip in Caleruega

Last March 22, 2015, I got the courage to do a one-day out-of-town solo trip. It had always been in my bucket list to be able to go somewhere that far alone – without having to tag along Mama or having friends to depend on where to go, what to eat, and what to do.

I have always been scared to be alone in a new place. I never wanted to be sent abroad alone. I have always turned down all onshore assignments at work. Simply because, I can’t see myself going to the airport, riding an airplane, landing on a different country, alone. I really don’t like feeling solo in a world so big. It’s like I am an ant-small and the world is so so so big I wouldn’t know what to do.

One of my close friends at work advised me to try going on a solo trip even to any local destinations – like Cebu. However, Cebu is already too far and I don’t think I can. The only “far” place that I can think of, that I know I may be able to have courage to go to, was Tagaytay. So I then googled Tagaytay and looked for places or attractions where I can visit when I get there. Browsing from the search results, I found Caleruega.

Actually, Caleruega has always been mistaken to be located in Tagaytay, but upon learning from different blog sites, Caleruega is actually in Nasugbu, Batangas. Wow. Batangas. This scared but excited me. I have been to Tagaytay, and Batangas but with groups, but never alone. What really pushes me to pursue the trip to Caleruega were the pictures of the place scattered in the internet. I liked the flowers, and its surroundings. From the pictures I thought that I would really love to see Caleruega in person. I want to be able to take pictures of it myself.

It was a Sunday – March 22. At first, when I told my Mama that it will be only me going to Tagaytay (ooops. I didn’t tell her Batangas, but I think I told her when I got home), she got worried and asked me n times if I won’t be lost there. After so many convictions that I will not be lost, she finally approved. Yey. 😉

The trip to Caleruega.

In my research on how to get there by commuting, I learned that there weren’t bus terminals going to Nasugbu in Cubao anymore. I asked one of my friends who that same day posted on Facebook that she was on board going to Batangas. She told me that there is still one terminal in Kamuning, QC – JAM Liner. From SM North, I took the footbridge to get to the other side of EDSA going South. I boarded a bus going South and got off JAM Liner in Kamuning. In JAM Liner terminal, I asked the Bus conductors which bus to take if I am going to Caleruega. I told them it’s in Nasugbu, Batangas. Unfortunately, the buses that pass in Nasugbu are in Pasay, Taft. One bus conductor was very kind enough to tell me that I can ride their bus but they won’t be able to drop me off the exact location which was the Evercrest (or Hill Crest) Golf course, and would have to take another ride if I went with them. I liked what he said when I was leaving the terminal, “Syempre gusto ko ng pasahero pero kung mapapalayo ka naman, dun ka na lang sa may Pasay.” (Ofcourse I wanted a passenger on board, but you better take those buses in Pasay). Instead of getting pissed that I got off to the wrong terminal, I just laughed silently at myself and just reminded myself of what I read in one blog, that a true wanderlust get lost sometimes. J So again, I boarded a second bus and took off Coastal Mall. There were buses going to places in South, and finally I got in the right bus. I told the young bus conductor n times to please drop me off Evercrest. I’m so scared and nervous to be lost again. Hehe!

Finally, Caleruega. Yey! Finally. And Safely. I was so happy I made it there. Beautiful, peaceful. Below are some of the pictures I took when I was there. 🙂


Caleruega: Closer to Nature, Closer to God. :)

Koi Fish Ponds.

Caleruega Chapel DSCN1432 - Copy

What I love most are the flowers around. 🙂

Sto. Domingo de Guzman statue

Caleruega is a perfect place for those who want to escape from the noise and stress of work, and busy cities, and be with nature and God even for just a day.

To make it a meaningful trip for me, I brought out my own created small origami and left a butterfly in Caleruega. I just hope nobody would think that I was just littering.

I will definitely go back to Caleruega.. with or without company. 😉

Caleruega Church

APRIL 2017 UPDATE: I recently went back to Caleruega and posted a new article (includes detailed updates on directions to get there and fare ranges) in my new travel blog: Pasyal ni Jok. Please do check it out as I will be using it for my future travel posts.



Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

As I look back to find pictures that describe my 2012, I learned that during this past year, I had experienced a few ‘firsts’. 2012 also had made me cross-out 2 of the bullets in my Bucket List, which includes attending a Hot Air balloon festival, and wearing a dress. 🙂

Here we go….

In February, I and my friends (from the office) went to the 17th Hot Air Balloon Feast in Subic Freeport. This was my first time to attend such event.


In August, I had my 3rd tattoo and at the same time it was my 1st Friendship tattoo (matching) with my tat buddy, Lanie. 🙂


The tattoo is a G-clef formed by joining an 8th note and an f-clev note.


Columbia Sports had their 1st Eco Trail Run in Mt. Pinatubo. I and my friends got to run it, too! It was also my first Eco Trail Run experience and although I have been doing fun runs for two years, it was my first time ever to receive a Finisher Medal.


Because of this finisher medal, I became more excited on future runs. When I and my friends learned about the United Colors of ’88 Run, we instantly registered ourselves. And here I got my 2nd Finisher Medal! 🙂


In November, I went to Dumaguete, Negros Oriental with the same group I ran with. We went there to watch dolphins in the wild but unfortunately, after 2 hours waiting from the Bais Bay to the Tañon Strait (habitat of several dolphins and whales), no dolphins appeared *sad*. Since we failed dolphin watching, we then went to the second best thing we could do while in Dumaguete — Snorkeling! Also, my first! 🙂

We had no underwater camera so all the beautiful creatures that we saw in the paradise of Apo Island like the Pawikans (sea turtles), colorful fishes, are all saved in our memories. 🙂
(Above picture was from my friend’s photo album)

Lastly, my 2012 year-ender would be the first time I attended a wedding as a guest and not a flower girl (the last time I attended such event was when I was 7 and was a flower girl to my auntie’s wedding). It was a friend’s wedding and almost all of us in our peer group (we call ‘BERKS’) were there.


(Picture taken from Cleigh (girl in yellow)’s photo album 😉 )

That’s all it! My happy, fun 2012. 🙂
And I can say I have lived all 2012 moments. 🙂

plant the house somewhere else..

Post #76

Last Saturday, June 18, 2011, I and my friend, Jaye went to Subic (Olongapo, Philippines) to try something we haven’t done together before. We went for a Tree Top Adventure, for a fun-filled, “conquer-your-fears” day.

We chose the following activities:

– Survival Demo
– Trekking Adventure
– Canopy Ride
– Superman Ride

We really had so much fun that day. But actually, I will not be talking about my Tree Top Adventure as much as I would love to. Hmm.. in another post, maybe 🙂

My friend saw this post during our 30-minute trek, and she took a photo of it and told me what’s written since the picture was blurry.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.

This is true. Earth provides more than enough for our needs, but sadly some people use these for greed.

We suddenly remembered the site/place, that the bus we were riding on passed by on our way to Subic. Somewhere in Olongapo, we saw nicely built houses.

nicely-built houses

Beautiful, isn’t it? I found this beautiful and thought of wanting to stay in one of those.. Not until the bus progressed, and we came to turn to this side of that site..

trees cut

Wouldn’t this be more beautiful if there are trees planted, rather than houses? Now, I don’t find those houses beautiful, anymore.

Trees were cut, and Nature is being destroyed just for the sake of building nice houses to sell. This is just not right. Have they ever considered the people that will be living here, during these rainy season? What about on typhoons?

We all know, for a fact, that trees are a big help to avoid landslides. But what are they doing now?

Tsk tsk.

Nature has been very generous to us.. so  let’s use its gifts (and God’s) in a good way.. Let’s be resourceful in a nature-loving way.. 🙂