We’re too busy sulking that we forget to celebrate.

My first on-the-birthday get-away on October 16 was canceled due to bad weather, storm #KarenPH.

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Canceled flights are a blessing

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finding work is like finding love

Finding work is like finding love.

My first ex, lasted for 6.9 years. I had always thought it was “the one” – the company where I could stay until I retire. My recent ex, we only lasted for 1 year and 7 months. It had been a roller coaster ride.

It was not them. It was me. Well, for the first one, yeah. I chose to leave because I have my reasons. I had always wanted to stay for another 4 years, but things changed and I just had to leave. The second one, I also did choose to leave but the difference is that they gave me enough reasons to do so. It was an easy decision.Β  I only had a difficult time making my final decision because of people. People have always been both my strength and weakness when it comes to staying. My “staying power” always comes from the people who are both good and nice to work with.

On Monday, February 16, I officially started with my 3rd. I was welcomed with happy greetings from friends and old colleagues.Β  It was nice to see familiar faces, some of which were old friends from my 1st. However, aside from being excited, I was a bit nervous and scared, uneasy as well. But only they (my friends) know why. It feels like an old atmosphere but in a different and new location. I began to ask myself if I am really ready for this new beginning. I SHOULD be.

I worry myself more. Thinking that these people first met and knew me as a very quiet person. Years have passed and things have changed, and through the years I’ve been to different circumstances that made me change as well. I was once quiet, but I am a little outspoken now.

One of my friends told me that my aura now is different from the time we last worked together, saying I am now more cheerful than three years ago. Yes, I admit that I feel that I am more bubbly than before. I now greet people with the same happy face, I joke around, I laugh (and sometimes a loud) happily whenever I feel like it.

But, honestly, now that I am in the same atmosphere as my first, it makes me worry that I’d go back to my old self – quiet, doesn’t talk much, will only speak when asked, and shy. I don’t want to.

I pray that everything will be okay from this week, onwards. I am now starting to tell and remind myself to “learn the act of not caring too much of what I will see, hear, or feel from people who doesn’t even have the right to judge me”.

I may have all these worries in mind now, but I’d like to just keep only positive thoughts.

🎢Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Yeah.🎢 -Closing Time, Semisonic

It is true – God lets us meet a few wrong ones so that we will know how to be grateful and take care of the right one that He will soon give us in His time.

I have never been (yet) in any romantic relationship for me to think that finding love is like finding work, I just really love to know that it is. πŸ˜‰

the butterfly

the butterfly

Last Thursday (8/15), as I was leaving home for work, something on the ground caught my attention – a butterfly. At first, I only thought it was injured. I picked it up and learned that it is already dead, and had lost its body. I just find it amazing that despite of losing its body, the wings were still together. This made me realize something about.. Life.

In Life, no one is perfect. It is a fact. We cannot have everything at once. Physical beauty may matter in today’s world, but not in the after-world. When we die, all physical beauties will no longer matter. We cannot bring our wealth, flawless skin to the next life. As we grow old, our skin sags. When we die, we rot. Wealth and beauty will just be left behind.

Just like this butterfly, what matters is what we leave behind. Family and friends may forget how we look like years after we die, but the good and beautiful things that we do in our lifetime shall live and be remembered forever.

In this butterfly’s case, the beauty it has left.. was its wings. πŸ˜‰

End the Chain. Choose What You Pay Forward.

We only give what we were given.

We give love because we were given love.

We show others kindness because once in our life we were shown with it.

It’s nice to know that these are chains of good deeds or experiences. We pass on to someone the good that we received as a form of paying it forward. We make others experience the goodness that we had the chance to experience once in our life.

However, it isn’t just goodness that we give and take.

We have to admit, that sometimes most of us also give and take.. the bad – we get even.

Sometimes we wonder why people do what they do – why a person gets satisfaction from bullying other people, why a person gets happy when hurting others, etc. Then, we conclude that maybe earlier in their lives, they have been hurt or bullied and it is their way of getting even. A form of paying back a bad experience by inflicting it on others and make them feel what they felt before.

In effect, those they have hurt will do the same to others, simply just to get even with what they experienced. And so it goes like a chain – a chain of bad experiences.

I, too have experienced bad treatment from other people but I do not make it an excuse to treat others badly. I believe that if I want to get even with those who didn’t treat me right, I should start treating other people not by how I was being treated before, but by how I wanted to be treated.

We share what we were given. If it’s a beautiful thing, then pass it on. If it’s not, then do what’s right, but pass on the lesson. Just because you were mistreated before doesn’t mean it is okay to mistreat others.

And this, I call.. paying a bad deed with doing a good deed forward.