they simply exist.

It was in November when I first knew Β (watched) Yamashita Tomohisa. Back then, I used to call him Ken- Iwase Ken. Prodai was the first dorama I watched with him as the lead actor. I used to like doramas, but not the artists, until I knew Ken. hihihi.. and since then, I was always “i like ken!”, “ken is..”, “ken..! ken ken!”, until a friend of mine said “ahhh.. Yamapi!”

And from then, Yamapi.. I was all “YamaPi!”. I started to watch all his doramas one by one, watch his interview clips, read articles about him, etc.. coincidentally, it was also that time in November when he released LOVELESS.. and was surprised that he can sing!.. *ureshii*

Another friend told me there were fangroups of Yamapi and his band.. now that’s when I learned about NEWS.. but at first, I was only after a group that supports Yamapi.. I, then always ended up with forums…. until I came upon this Yamashita Tomohisa fanpage in facebook.

Back then, my everyday routine was:
visit Yamapi fanpage by A-chan
watch Code Blue 2 every monday
post screencaps
watch clips of Yamapi and NEWS (that was where i first love TegoPiΒ β™₯)

in short, I was simply flailing…A.L.O.N.E…

until one day, somebody posted an invitation to YamaPi’s bday..
I clicked the postcard and saw this fangroup.. and was glad to read the following information:

This is a purely fan-based group founded by Filipino supporters.
We are not in anyway related to the band personally or to their management.

I was soooo glad I even told my friends I found a group of Filipinos supporting Yamapi and NEWS.. my friends are so supportive and was also happy for me they even told me to join..

So I joined..
Thanks to the admins, I got in.. πŸ™‚

At first, I only intended to join. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I was also hesitant to join them in celebrating Pi’s bday.. that’s because I simply hate being a “newbie”.. going to a place where I know no one — I just am not that friendly to meet with new people..

After an everyday nagging from my friend that I should attend the gathering, I simply said “okay. I will go, but it’s gonna be the first and last.”

as April 9, 2010 was approaching, I was just browsing through that fangroup page.. until I got the courage to post and introduce myself…

the next parts are a HISTORY.. πŸ™‚


when I say it’s long.. it’s really loooong.. πŸ™‚



I really can’t get enough of NEWS Member Ai.. Their love for each other just don’t stay among the usual pairs, or the NEWS bestfriends (ryopi, koyashige, tegomasu). Their love rotates and spreads from each and every member, making it reach the 7th member.. πŸ™‚ (oh yes, im a 7th member – member ai addict!)

あい – Ai .. gonna use this for the word Ai since Kei-chan once requested in an interview for a magazine to use the hiragana for Ai when he say “Aishiteru!” -that makes あいshiteru! πŸ™‚ (please correct me if I’m wrong.. xD)


NEWS Member あい Ai is when Pi,
the front act leader, made it possible to get all 6 boys together to create something wonderful. ^O^

The Front and Back LEADERS (Yamapi and Ryo)

..And NEWSMember あい is when Ryo,
the back leader, keeps the energy up during rehearsals by being playful around everybody.. πŸ™‚


playful Ryo-aniki ^^

NEWS Member あい is when Ryo
plays the piano for Aki no Sora, while yamaPi singing it. πŸ™‚

Ryo-chan as the pianist..

Yamapi as the singer..

NEWS Member あいis when Tegoshi
messed up with “Aki no Sora” lyrics,
and Pi, just looked at him, didn’t say anything to scold the youngest member,
and just continued singing without blaming Tego.. πŸ™‚

TegoPi ai..

..And NEWSMember あいis when the 2 great leaders Pi and Ryo-aniki,
both made a mistake and sang too early for the chorus..
Pi just continued anyway, and Ryo laughed a little and just danced his mistake.. XDD

RyoPi ai.. πŸ™‚

NEWS Member あいis when Massu
pulled Shige slightly worrying and keeping Shige away from the candle fire.. πŸ™‚

KoyaShigeMassu ai.. πŸ™‚

NEWS Member あい is when Kei-chan and Masu
posed for a picture together.. πŸ™‚

Massu and Kei-chan.. πŸ™‚

NEWSMember あいis when Ryo and Shige
looked at each other as they sang their parts in SUMMER TIME! πŸ™‚

NishiKato with Kei-chan.. πŸ™‚ during SUMMERTIME


NEWSMember あいis when yamaPi
made Massu say “Just Do It~!” in front of the camera…

MassuPi ai.. πŸ™‚

..And NEWSMember あいis when Massu
obediently and willingly said it~! πŸ™‚
J-j-j-just do it~!

J-j-j-just do it! πŸ™‚

NEWSMember あいis when Kei-chan,
tried to make Tegoshi do the same thing Pi told Massu, but Tegoshi just said “Kei~!!” instead of “Just do it~!”.. πŸ™‚

KoyaTego ai.. πŸ™‚

.. AND last but definitely NOT the least, is that
NEWS Member あい, is when
they happily got together to createsomething wonderful
for their 7thMember! πŸ™‚

NEWS: Koyama, Tegoshi, Yamapi, Ryo, Massu, and Shige

*NEWS is the only news that I’ll never get tired of getting updates about.. πŸ™‚