Y is for… Yester


I remember that one time when I had an argument with a friend about the words yesternight, and yesteryear. I insisted that these words do exist and that they mean the same as the word yesterday – only that yesternight means last night, and yesteryear simply means last year.

I wanted to search in the dictionary and prove that these are valid words but I have forgotten about it not until today. I opened my Merriam Webster Dictionary App and searched for the word Yester.

The words exist! Yey! I was right all along! 🙂

X is for… Xtreme

LazerTag eXtreme!


Above was the printed copy of the scores from the lazertag game that I and my colleagues played as our team building activity. It was also my first time to play it. 🙂

And below is a picture together with my friends when we played lazertag at the same venue but in a different year. My friends arranged the event as a surprise the night before my birthday. 🙂