The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 30

Post #13

A picture of someone you miss.


My Circle of Friends

My Circle of Friends

I miss the days we see each other
I miss the times we lunch together
I miss the early morning greetings
I miss the bye-byes in the evenings

I miss the long walk to the train station with Maya
I miss the washroom photoshoot with Ela
I miss the hot choco session in the pantry with Jaye
Missing brush brush times with Tiff, Cleigh, and May

I miss joking around with Wesley
I miss having breakfast with Mickey
I miss the guitar sessions with Ronnie
I miss being with them all, enjoying a movie..

Oh, how we used to be so many
Oh how time flies we’ll soon be down to more or less.. three(?)

hmm.. As we find our happy places, may we not forget
What we used to be, since we all first met.





The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 29

Post #12

A picture that can always make you smile

that bird

that bird

This picture was taken on January 19 of this year.

I love taking pictures of the sky and clouds, almost every morning. It was that one morning, that as I got up, I took my celphone outside, took a picture of the clouds and just posted it directly on facebook. It was only after a friend commented on the picture, that I saw and realized I was able to accidentally capture the bird crossing the sky.

Looking back at this picture always makes me smile, hoping I could take another picture like this one day. 🙂

The 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 28

Post #11

A picture of something you’re afraid of.



I simply hate and am afraid of being left alone. It’s not because I can’t move around and do things without the people around me, but it just makes me sad when my friends leave. I know I’m supposed to be happy with whatever path they chose to take, but thinking that they won’t be around anymore and we won’t be doing things we usually do together just makes me sad.

Hmm.. I have thought about this and realized that it’s not actually “them-leaving-me-alone” that I am afraid of.. it’s actually the fear of being forgotten.