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I am moving!

Sadly, I won’t be posting here anymore.

I will still keep writing my thoughts, sharing my experiences but in a new blog site — my self-hosted blog: Pasyal ni Jok!

I will keep this WordPress blog online but all new posts moving forward, will be published on my new site.

I am also in the process of migrating (manually, though) all my previous posts from this blog site (, as well as my other blogs (, to

It was one of my bucket list items to have my own self-hosted blog site, so I grabbed an opportunity to buy my own domain and start a new blog site!

I do hope that you read me there as you have always read my posts here. 🙂

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~Jokel 🙂

God answered my prayer with a milkshake

Ever since I had a misunderstanding with my beastpal’s wife, I have shut myself from them. I unfriended them and all close friends we have in common in Facebook. For more or less 3 years I remain distant and for all those years I tried to forget them.

During those times, I have become bitter whenever somebody in my friends list would post about their high school reunion. I would tell myself that “oh I don’t really have friends in high school..” (sounds immature, I know but that’s me).

But I admit that that made me sad. There are things that remind me of them. I can’t lie to myself and pretend that I don’t miss them.

For almost 3 years I had been successful to not think too much of it. Thanks to my work that keeps me busy and some friends whom I enjoy spending life away from work with.

I was okay with it not until one of my close friends in high school passed away last year. It made me think and miss them over again. Since then, I prayed for the day when I’d be able to talk to my beastpal and his wife. More than reconciliation with his wife, I’d like to know if he ever did get upset with me. I prayed that one day I’ll be surprised with a message from him.

And then one day, when I was going home I thought I saw him in the MRT station. I refused to say ‘hi’ as he didn’t even see me. Instead I messaged his wife right away and told her that I think I saw my friend. She confirmed that it was him. Then a week after that I received a message. He asked that if I want, we can go grab an ice cream some time.

I said yes to meet up a week after.
We ended having a milkshake.

I asked if he was angry at me. And then he cleared things for me. He said he was never angry. Ever. It just took him so long to reach out. He apologized for the times that he, admittedly, forgot about me. I only kept smiling and nodding. He laughed at me while scolding me to listen. Little did he know that I just couldn’t say anything because I am close to tears while hearing what he had to say.

I was close to giving up that this day would ever come. Maybe it took God so long to grant my prayer because He’s waiting for me to be ready to face him.

And when He thought I am now ready, God finally answered my prayer…

With that milkshake. 🤗

what are you giving?

If you’re giving bitterness to the world, then bitterness will come back to you. While if you give love to the world, love will come back to you.

Love is willing to give itself no matter the cost.

~Bro. George Gabriel

Today’s prayer: “Jesus, I open my heart to you. Fill me up with love so I can give love to the world.”


#HurtAttack: History

Here are my notes as I listened to and watched the preachers, and below are my thoughts and reflections to each bullet and the whole topic on Hurt Attack: History.

There are three kinds of hurts.

  1. Serious hurts – these hurts are the big ones – problems, sickness, etc. Those things that make us think and realize that Life is indeed not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Even if life is unfair, God remains good and He will right your wrong. Why evil happens? Because hurt people hurt people. The evilest person was once upon a time an innocent child that was not loved.

    We get hurt by other people not because they are bad, but because maybe, sometime in their life they have been hurt by others, and that pain has made them a different person than they were – someone who may need to hurt other people because of their pain. There are reasons why people do things, hurtful things – and having been hurt in the past could be one.

  2. Small hurts – are done not because people are evil but because they are people. People are people. When you get these small hurts you have to have the ability to brush it off, to move on, to let go.

    Small hurts are those mistakes people make that makes us sad. Sometimes these mistakes were not purposely done to hurt us, but simply because we are human – we all make mistakes. It’s just that some times we are unconsciously bringing other people pain through the mistakes that we make.

  3. Self hurts – Most of the hurts that we complain about are self-inflicted. We have the tendency to hurt ourselves. There are two ways by which we hurt ourselves:
    1. When we repeat our mistakes.

      “Winners make brand new mistakes every day. Losers make the exact mistakes over and over again.” ~Bro. Bo Sanchez

      People don’t get what they deserve. People get what they think they deserve. If we see ourselves as garbage, we settle for garbage. But if we see ourselves as gold, we settle for gold only.

    2. When we replay our hurts.
      We relive the hurt again and again and we don’t want to let it go. Sometimes we relive our wounds and replay the hurt.
      There people who collect hurts and look for more hurts by projecting. We begin to collect to prove to entire world that we are the most hurt person.

      Reflection: This last kind of hurt, and its types, remind me exactly what one of my close friends, Ms. Ghie would always tell me. While I am watching Bro. Bo and listening to his words and examples, most of the time I smile and silently agree. There had been times when I tell my worries to some of my friends and most of the time, they’d tell me the same thing – that I may have just been overthinking things and that I should stop thinking negative. What brings us self hurts are negative thinking and too much worrying. Sometimes we tend to overthink things. An example would be, “I did not get the job. Maybe because they think I’m not good enough. Or maybe they prefer someone with good looks, or maybe it was because of where I graduated from, or..” so and so.. We over-analyze things and it’s not helping us. We have to stop it. And realizing this, I have to stop it, too.


As I understand this, I think sometimes we look back at our past pain, aches, hurt and then we judge our future by it. A perfect example I could think of is when you have trusted someone and have been betrayed by the same person before. The painful experience of being betrayed will either force us to be more cautious on trusting someone next time, or too afraid to ever trust anyone again. But Bro. Bo and Bro. Odie are teaching us through this talk that we have to learn to let past hurts go – to move on.

I remember, when I told one of my closest guy friends 12 years ago who felt betrayed by someone, that just because somebody has fooled him doesn’t mean all the people that he’ll meet will do the same to him as did the past.

This may be hard, but let’s learn to brush these hurts off, learn from our mistakes, and never let these hurts and the people who hurt us, define our future. 🙂

*sighs* I have so much to learn in this month’s talk series. Why does it always feel the talks are written for people like me. Like, really. Oh well, as Bro. Bo said, Messy Church for Messy People… *raises hand* Present! 😉

Question of the day: How many of the hurts in your life come from others? How many of that hurt actually comes from you?

Today’s Prayer: Jesus I’m surrendering to you my old story of hurts. I give that to you. Give me a new story – of healing.

February Talk Series: HURT ATTACK

Talk 1 (Feb. 5): History

I attended today’s feast via Live Stream on their YouTube Channel KerygmaTV

The Feast Bay Area is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family. Sundays at The Feast start with a Holy Mass, proceeded by a worship, then the talk sessions by Bro. Bo Sanchez and other Feast Builders. For Feast Schedules, you may visit their Facebook page: The Feast Bay Area