sosyal media

Nilamon na tayo ng social media.

There had been years I’ve become addicted to it — posting everything from what I want to have for lunch to what I actually had for lunch, to when I am boarding or where I am heading to. Not to mention, I used social media to rave about things that make me excited, and rant about things, events, people that make me angry.

There’s no problem with raving. The problem comes when I rant whenever I’m pissed that two of my really close friends once offered to make our chat box my rant wall. We call these friends vent buddies now.

I’m proud to say that I am now past that stage. I have managed to control the urge to post my rants on Facebook. But sometimes I really can’t help it. I type away my rage on my “What’s on your mind?” edit box on my Facebook wall. And then after I’m done typing everything, I read it again. Somehow as I finish proof-reading my draft, I would feel calm, right-click-select-all then delete everything I have typed and discard the post. Some form of therapy!

I deleted my Facebook app because I know that I may still have a tendency to rage online. Plus so many knows-all on facebook, so many fake news. I just downloaded the app again because I had something worth posting during the weekend.

There are good things about social media. It connects people, give us easy access to information, it is also a tool to spread inspiring stories of striving people, of good Samaritans, making us all regain our faith in humanity, and more.

But as much as there are good things, there are also bad things.

The (bad) Influencer

These people use social media for posting lies. They post just anything. They post scoops about something they did not even witness personally just for the sake of being pioneer to a trending topic. Even if there is no truth about it. Some people will do everything to make something look bad, that will inspire rage from people who are so gullible.

The gullible and toxic

These people are the ones easily influenced by lies they read or watch online, making them gullible. They would easily believe everything you share especially if it is something against the person, or group of persons they hate lalo na kapag politics at government yan.

Sila yung.. sila pa yung mga galit na galit pero pag tinanong mo, sagot syo “basta ganun daw nangyari ano ba yan nakakahiya”.

The complainant who complains on the wall

Sige, baka sumagot at magsalita na yung wall.

You know I’ve been there. Yung magrereklamo ka sa facebook wall mo in a tone as if you’re actually talking to the person? Like, WTF, <telco>? Bat ambagal ng internet ko? Kamusta naman yung LTE kuno?

I used to do that but I realized di naman masasagot ni telco yung problema ko not unless I call them.

And ever since I realized that, I always make sure to message their Twitter handle (yes, we follow each other now.. hehe). I remember nung yung milk tea ko meron pang pinagbalatan ng Yakult na nakita ko lang nung paubos ko na. I was really tempted to post it. But no. I thought what good would it bring? So I messaged their official page and there, they investigated and reminded all their staff so it won’t happen again.

Now, it annoys me when I read FB posts of people complaining about a bad customer service, etc. Sinong kausap natin? Kelangan natin kakampi? Not unless you’ve reached out to them and still no resolution, go ahead, post all you want.

Like they always say, if you have nothing nice to say, if what you have on your mind won’t help to make the situation even a little bit better, then keep it to yourself or let it out it to your vent buddies.


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