95/365 a reminder for my kid cousin

Cyra Jace, or as we fondly call her Jhecee is my kid cousin who has been living with us since she was 4 years old (or even younger). She still has her parents but her father, my Uncle, wanted her to grow up in Quezon City.

Even then we had a set up where every 2 weeks if I still remember correctly, she’d go back to Cavite to spend quality time with her parents and siblings.

Until they decided that Jhecee would finally study here (from nursery forward). She’s in 4th grade now! when school ends we bring her back to Cavite for the summer vacation. But even when it is only for a vacation her Mommy would send my Mama a message if we could take her already because she and her little sister keeps on fighting. Is that even a valid reason? They are kids! It’s natural to fight at petty things! 🙄

When she was in 2nd grade we decided that she’d continue schooling in Cavite but in the middle of the school year, her Mama sent my Mama a message to get her because of an unforeseen event. Even if my Mama doesn’t agree with it because it’s already in the middle of the school, she took Jhecee.

Jhecee lives with us since she was a toddler. She even calls my parents Mama and Papa (when Papa’s still alive). Papa really loved her!

Jhecee is now growing up and as she does, she now notices things, and feels differently about what she sees. Before, if she sees a facebook post of a picture where her parents and sister had a date, we’d always tell her that maybe it wasn’t planned. We make her understand.

Through some facebook posts by her Mommy and Daddy, she feels that nobody is proud of her because she’s not that smart like her younger sister. She once said “pag si Akhee ambilis nilang ma-proud”.

We feel sad because it is noticeably true.

The little sister stayed with us here for a few days. Their Mommy, instead of video calling Jhecee who she hasn’t seen for almost a year, called Akhee who she hasn’t seen for a fee hours only! So you really can’t blame Jhecee for feeling this way.

Today was her recognition day and she got 2 special awards: Most Behaved, and Perfect in Attendance

We made her feel loved by posting on her Facebook how much we are all proud of her. But she’s still sad that even if she got 2 awards her Mommy did not even congratulate her. Just a like/love on her Daddy’s post of her picture with the awards and grades.

So I took to my Facebook with her picture (from her teacher) and her grades.

Malungkot parin sya. Kase feeling nya wala daw proud sa kanya. (Ang laki mo na talaga may naiisip ka ng ganyan hehe)

Eh proud na proud naman kame kaya syo. Improving grades mo, nagma-mature ka na, masipag ka pa (bonus maganda ka pa). Hindi naman importante kung sobrang taas ng grades mo. Basta nagpapakabait ka, natutuwa na kame. 🙂

Sigurado nga yan pati sa heaven ang Mami 👵🏼 at si Papa Boying malaki ngiti nila ngayon dahil sa nakikita nila syo. Kinukwento ka pa ng Mami sa Dadi 🧓🏽! 🤩

Kaya wag ka na malungkot. 😍

Mag-thank you ka kay Mama kase kung di kayo hinahatid at ginigising sa umaga, baka di ka naka-perfect in attendance! 😂🤣😂

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