91/365 how do companies get nice employees

I find it amazing how a company get good reviews about having nice employees in different branches.

I have been looking for bank where I can open accounts for my kid cousin and a niece easily without requiring so many documents. I have also been reading reviews about each bank that I was interested in.

One bank caught my attention for having quite a lot of reviews about having very nice employees. I wanted to try so I went to one branch near where I work. The reviews seem to be true and I was at a different branch! It took me less than an hour to open an account for myself.

Then in another day, I went to its other branch near where I live and tried to open an account for my kid cousin. I was amazed on how approachable the New Accounts Officer and the Manager are. They did not fail me and we were able to open a kiddie passbook savings account for my kid cousin who was with me that time.

My experience with this bank made me think – how does a company get nice employees? Do they filter the nice ones first during recruitment? Was it just coincidence or am I just lucky that the staff from the branch I went to are kind, approachable, and nice?

It’s just amazing. PSBank BGC-Luxe and PSBank Congressional Ave corner Visayas Ave.

I hope all bank staff are like them.


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