86/365 post tracker

I ordered a Momiji Doll online as a gift to my friend who migrated to Australia. From the day I checked out the item to before this day, I have been feeling worried about the delivery of the item. I had it delivered straight to my friend's address in Australia. I was afraid that it … Continue reading 86/365 post tracker

85/365 immersion

My friends and I booked a tour to the Muslim Town in Manila with Culture Immersion. This would be our first time to do such activity and we're all so excited. The aim of this tour is to understand the Muslims and experience their culture, food, etc. It's not just an ordinary tour because we … Continue reading 85/365 immersion

84/365 i know it’s you

I just know and feel that it was you yesterday. But what happened today in the bank may have confirmed that it was really him. I went to the bank early this morning to open an account. While I was waiting for the New Accounts officer to complete processing my application, I saw a man … Continue reading 84/365 i know it’s you

83/365 hi Allan, byebye

So we were walking inside the Himlayan Cemetery going to where my Papa was buried. I was carrying my 2-year old niece where she’s facing the back, when suddenly she happily said “ba-bye! :)”. When I looked back to see who was she waving ba-bye to, there was no one, not even a bird or … Continue reading 83/365 hi Allan, byebye