86/365 post tracker

I ordered a Momiji Doll online as a gift to my friend who migrated to Australia. From the day I checked out the item to before this day, I have been feeling worried about the delivery of the item. I had it delivered straight to my friend’s address in Australia.

I was afraid that it won’t get to my friend just like when I ordered something for myself. Oh well I’m in PH, what’s to expect. 🙇🏻‍♀️

I’m glad that Australia have reliable sites where I can monitor my parcel. It’s real-time. I kept checking it everyday from when the item was shipped from the UK.

And this morning, I received an email that the parcel is already on its way to be delivered!

By afternoon, my friend messaged me and asked if it the item was from me. Hahaha It’s a surprise gift for her birthday, so I did not tell her I was sending something over.

*whew* I can finally have peace of mind. The gift arrived before her birthday.

Why can’t The Philippines have a reliable tracker? I’m beginning to feel hopeless that my friend and I can send each other mails. Imm sure what I ship to her will be delivered promptly but what about if someone sends me parcel? Will just stop at the post office?

I hope they can do something to improve the mail system at the PH post office..


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