84/365 i know it’s you

I just know and feel that it was you yesterday. But what happened today in the bank may have confirmed that it was really him.

I went to the bank early this morning to open an account. While I was waiting for the New Accounts officer to complete processing my application, I saw a man enter the bank.

I was surprised because at one glance I saw you in him – he really looks like you.

I thought I was just hallucinating so I removed my eyes from looking at you. You were sitting on the couch inside the bank, and then the branch manager approached you. I looked again and saw how you looked up to see and talk to the manager. Then I thought that no doubt, he really looks like you.

When I went back to the office, I immediately googled “what does it mean when you someone who looks like a dead loved one”. One of the articles headlines told me that there are 5 reasons. One of the reasons is that sometimes our loved ones who went before us, would use signs to tell the living something – that they’ve already passed over, or to ensure and let the living know they are happy where they are.

I know it’s you yesterday. Today I can confirm it’s really you.

What is it you’re trying to send me. I can only think of two things – (1) that since I wasn’t able to really say goodbye to you 3 years ago, this maybe your way for us to bid goodbye; or (2) you had been a big brother to me and you knew that I was super sad the other day and this maybe your way of telling me what you have once told me before – that if I ever need anything, any problem, you’d always be there. Because you have always cheered me up before.

I know you can read this now. I know you can hear me or my mind. Thank you for I have been hoping that someday you’d let me feel your presence. Since yesterday, you did.


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